How to sexy lap dance

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We'll be publishing a series of features from iVillage. Don't try this one for more than fifteen seconds, or your partner may go crazy. Place your hands on their sides for just a second, and then slowly work your way back up. Tell your partner to sit down in the chair.

How to sexy lap dance

Don't even let your bodies touch. Should I freak out if my girlfriend does it to me? With your hips, begin to draw a circle, keeping your back arched. Touch them in all the ways he wishes he was touching them. Glide your hand up the straight leg and raise your head over the corresponding shoulder to look back at him. Walk with one foot in front of the other, your back straight, and your shoulders high. Now slowly bend your knees and grind down as far as is comfortable, then up again, continually undulating your hips and dancing erotically. Women's magazines slip us the kind of information that we wouldn't find elsewhere; they reveal a female perspective that most men just aren't privy to. The point of the strip tease is to make him excited for sex, so you might as well unzip his jeans once the song ends. Gently move your free hand up and down like you're riding a bull in slow-motion. You can even try turning around while you work it. If you want to give a good lap dance, then the chair should be just as important as the one sitting in it. If you have a dimmer switch, lower the lights. If you lean forward, you risk impersonating a sumo wrestler. Alternatively, still with your back to him, gently sway from your ankles, opening your legs gradually. Make sure your nipples get close enough to tease him, but not close enough to actually touch him. You can thank us later. Be firm, but not too rough. Pretend you're in the shower if that helps get you in the mood. As far as possible, try to keep your lover in your gaze as you turn. You should keep your lips parted and smile slightly, just enough to let your partner see that you know how sexy you are. Lean towards your partner to make it easier for you to unhook your leg from the back of the chair. Now is the perfect time to straddle him, so you can grind up against his cock while sticking your breasts in his face. You can wear sporty leggings and a sports top over sexy lingerie, a long dress, or anything that makes you feel sexy. While your bodies are so close, move your body against theirs, lean your face close to theirs, and lean in for a kiss -- but just a quick kiss on the lips that leaves them wanting more.

How to sexy lap dance

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  1. Pick some music that is sexy enough to set the mood, but upbeat enough for you to dance to.

  2. Continue to work your hips and run your hands across your body as you remove yourself from the chair. We'll be publishing a series of features from iVillage.

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