How to spice p sex life

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Focus on making eye contact with your partner in or out of bed. Talking is key to addressing these issues. Figs are considered potent for men and women, although they may affect men more strongly. Include different genres, tempos, and rhythms.

How to spice p sex life

Check your meds Certain medications, including some antidepressants and contraceptive pills, can affect libido. Like us on Facebook. Be as vague or explicit as you want. Eating plenty of garlic and basil works wonders, according to some scientists. Have a movie night! Besides leading to accidental urine leakage, it also reduces sexual sensation. Get out of bed. This one requires a little restraint from your partner. Include different genres, tempos, and rhythms. Ever had a crush on your teacher? Many couples get into certain habits in the bedroom because they know what makes their partner happy. Getty Images There are numerous studies that suggest chocolate helps increase desire. The sky is the limit. Bondage can also tie in — no pun intended — quite nicely with Blindfold your partner before performing oral sex, using an actual blindfold or a discarded piece of clothing. Play a little game with chocolate, whipped cream, honey, or any other of your favorite flavors. Though that may seem like a long time, letting the anticipation build will only improve your experience. Watching yourselves in action is a surefire turn-on, without risking a sex tape being posted online. If you are using condoms which we hope you are! Ann Summers Consider a quickie Too busy? Get a new point of view. Ditch the cigs Smoking damages arteries, affecting circulation. Set aside five minutes a day for relaxation. If you tend to wear soft pastels, try wearing black lace and sky-high heels. Keeping your thoughts in the gutter all day will definitely pay off at night.

How to spice p sex life

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  1. Good enough to eat. Though that may seem like a long time, letting the anticipation build will only improve your experience.

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