How to tell the sex of a chinese water dragon

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They will also have a "second crest," along the tail. Females have jowls too, but they're considerably less noticeable, and the spikes on their jowls often look like nubs. Wiggles, who is a male. To see them, you'll need to handle your dragon and gently turn him over while he's in your hand.

How to tell the sex of a chinese water dragon

The pores show up as rows of brownish-black dots. Color For the most part, male and female Chinese water dragons show off similar colors, which range from dark to light green. Their crest's, head, and spikes are smaller and they do not get the large spikes on the tail. They will only have one bump under the vent or no visable bump at all. Their jowls also become bigger and more noticable. Their heads are usually triangular shaped and larger compared to the female. Their femoral pores will may not be visable at all. The only other way to tell if a dragon is male or female before they sexually mature is to get them probed. A female's head is on the petite side, while males sport longer, broader and all-around larger heads. They only grow to about 2 feet. Probing should only be done by an expiernened vet as it can harm the dragon if not done correctly. Both males and females have 2 bumps above the vent, but the male and the male only, will have also have 2 bumps under the vent which is underneath the tail. Females will lay eggs yearly after they mature even without a male. They will also have two bumps underneath their vent. When to Identify Forget about trying to sex your dragon if he's a youngster. The crest will become much larger with very large spikes. This is Avanyu, a male. This is Stormie, a female dragon. Thanks Lisa for the pic! You probably won't be able to tell if your dragon is male or female until the age of 18 months months, which is approx 1. Thanks Diane for the pic! Their spikes along their back will also begin to lengthen. Once they grow up a little, the changes—from the appearance of their crests to the size of their jowls—begin in males and make it fairly evident what gender your dragon is. They're larger and clearly noticeable in males, but less so in females. The male and female dragon will look exactly alike until months. Femoral pores are circled Female Charecteristics The female really doesn't change much as they sexually mature. How to contact me Is my water dragon a male or a female??

How to tell the sex of a chinese water dragon

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  1. Immediately below that you'll see another ridge with spikes that spans the length of his back and runs down his tail, known as the mid-sagittal crest.

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