How to use a vibrating tongue bar

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Vibrating tongue bars are usually battery operated, so find one that lasts for at least 30 minutes. If you have a piercing, be sure to clean your mouth thoroughly before and after oral sex. For example, instead of a steel bottom ball, a plastic ball could replace it. The key to giving great oral sex is moving slowly and building anticipation. Continue to tease your partner by bringing the vibrating tongue bar closer to her clitoris.

How to use a vibrating tongue bar

Worn by both men and women, tongue rings come in a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes and even lengths. Piercings for the lip and nipple have been popular for years, as have tongue rings. There are also some that come equipped with interesting additional features, such as glow in the dark tongue rings. Using too big a size gauge might be very painful. Two different motors are possible with the design, a flat disk motor or the more traditional cylinder design. Prior art of vibrating tongue ring is not self-contained, the motor is on top while the conductor is on the other end of the rod at the bottom which is the battery. The primary concerns that most people have when getting this type of piercing include the safety of getting the actual procedure done, whether it is going to damage their teeth, and how high the risk of infection. A standard tongue ring is used; removing one of the balls to allow for the self-contained vibrating portion to be fit on, in place of the ball just removed. It was adopted by others in the s and through the s, and held steady in its popularity through the early s until today. This will help her reach climax and make the oral sex with the vibrating tongue bar truly intense. Getting a piercing in the wrong spot on a person's tongue can lead to excessive bleeding and extreme discomfort. Proper Oral Piercing Placement Making sure that a piercing is placed in the right spot on an individual's tongue is vital to his or her health and comfort level. The motor can either be mounted vertically or horizontally and the trigger switch likewise. The top portion could be fitted with rubber moldings with a variance of texture or shape. As people realized that ears weren't the only body parts that can be pierced and decorated with jewelry, the popularity of the tongue piercing grew. It is also important to be extra careful when eating with a fresh tongue piercing. Tongue rings are actually a barbell with a bead on each end, and when choosing one it is important to consider the weight of the ring, the length of the barbell, and the width of the barbell. The positive wire from the motor is then soldered to a metal tab, which acts as the conductor when activated. The negative wire attached to the motor is soldered to the battery bracket, which is also attached to the motor. A flat disk or standard cylinder D. If the piercing is too close to the teeth, there is a larger risk of unfortunate side effects, such as a chipped tooth. Instead it is a barbell with one end at the top of the tongue and one at the bottom. A plastic or steel ball is used, in which two halves join together by means of screwing together. Potential wearers should be aware that because the tongue ring is in constant contact with the gums, issues like a chipped tooth, receding gum line and even bone loss can arise. Metal conductor tab mounted in silicon at the base. If there is severe bleeding during the piercing, it is a problem, and the person receiving the procedure should seek medical attention.

How to use a vibrating tongue bar

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  1. Two different motors are possible with the design, a flat disk motor or the more traditional cylinder design.

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