How to use hook up in excel

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So far, it should look like this: To better illustrate the point, consider the following Hlookup examples. Before you start, you should understand the basics of functions. It's simpler than it sounds: As you can see in the screenshot below, our formula returns Uranus, one of the coldest planets in the Solar System maintaining an average of degrees Fahrenheit.

How to use hook up in excel

The above example demonstrates my favorite but not the only possible way to do a case-sensitive Hlookup in Excel. So, you are free to delete or insert as many columns and rows as you want without worrying about updating every Hlookup formula in your worksheet. Your browser can't show this frame. To make things clearer, let's have a closer look at the Hlookup formula that pulls data from another sheet: If we want to find the price of a different item, we can just change the first argument: Check out our Functions lesson from our Excel Formulas tutorial or select a specific version of Excel. We'll add our formula to cell E2, but you can add it to any blank cell. Before you start, you should understand the basics of functions. In this example, we'll find the sales total for a selected region. I1,B4 ,0 Important note! F3 sales total is in row 2 of the table. What you want is a formula that returns the diameter of the planet whose name is entered in cell B5. Because the first row of our table is not sorted from A to Z, we can only look up with exact match, which works just fine in this example. I3 - the table where the formula will look up the value. I1, and the return range is B2: This time, instead of finding the price we'll find the category. This is our last argument, so go ahead and close the parentheses: So far, it should look like this: In some cases, you may need to move the columns around so the first column contains the correct data. When you press Enter, it should give you the answer, which is 9. As you probably noticed, the functions' names differ only in the first letter - "H" stands for horizontal, and "V" for vertical. It can be a cell reference, numeric value or text string. Copying a formula to multiple cells is a different story. Use an array formula to extract all duplicate values in the lookup range. Supposing you have a table with some basic information about the planets of our Solar system please see the screenshot below. You want to find out which planet has a certain temperature that is input in cell B4.

How to use hook up in excel

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  1. Hence, you use the VLOOKUP function to search is vertical lists when your lookup values are located in a column to the left of the data that you want to find.

  2. Inserting or deleting a new row To understand why inserting a new row can break an Hlookup formula, remember how Excel HLOOKUP gets information about the lookup value - based on the row index number you specify. Next, we'll change the column index number to 3 because our categories are in the third column:

  3. To make things clearer, let's have a closer look at the Hlookup formula that pulls data from another sheet: C16 so it includes the third column.

  4. In this example, rates change at the start of each quarter, and those dates are entered as column headings.

  5. If your contact list has columns for the email address or company name, you could search for those by simply changing the second and third arguments, as we did in our example.

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