I am an emotional abuser

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You might have a soft spot for the pain of others or feel emotions intensely. However, the learned behaviors and feelings of entitlement and privilege are very difficult to change. Tells you your feelings are irrational or crazy.

I am an emotional abuser

A healthy, non-abusive relationship is built on support, admiration, empathy, balance, and personal responsibility. You might simply want a hug, a calm conversation, a loving response, or a supportive comment. And you're the obvious target. Identify the patterns of controlling behavior they use. And the argument your partner presents is so compelling, you start to believe it yourself. More From Thought Catalog. When healthy couples find themselves in these unpleasant phases, they focus on setting things right. You are just too sensitive to see things clearly. Get away from the abusive person as often as possible, and spend time with those who love and support you. If your partner brings up a behavior that bothers them do you respond by discussing how to change it or do you respond defensively? Identify the attitudes that drive their abuse. It could be trivial or important, but your abuser digs in and won't admit that you are right. Sulks and refuses to talk about an issue. Take care of yourself and your needs, and let the other person worry about themselves — even when they pout or try to manipulate you and control your behavior. You never know what to expect next. You are so caught off guard by this outburst, you have no idea how to respond. Admit fully to what they have done. It is possible if the abuser deeply desires to change and recognizes his or her psychologically abusive patterns and the damage caused by them. If your relationship feels more abusive than loving, seek help from a therapist. Recognizing abuse is confusing at best. You may know in your heart of hearts that you are right about something. If your relationship is consistently chaotic, and you're exhausted from the emotional mayhem, it's time for some serious relationship contemplation. Try to be open to these, trust your gut, don't make excuses. He or she is so convincing and adamant that you begin to doubt yourself. A one-off fight with your partner in which you both say things you regret is not emotional abuse. He wants you to believe he is the grown-up, while you are just an overly-needy child.

I am an emotional abuser

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