Jon reep drunk cop

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Jon was tailgating with his friends, starting to drink at 10 a. Because you really can get hurt and that's just dumb. We became instantly, like, really good friends. We're funny in this thing? We didn't even have to act.

Jon reep drunk cop

That's kind of how I based him off. I didn't know that. We'd go on set and we'd sit in our trailer or in a chair like this for all day. The director said everybody who filmed stuff, actually is in the movie. When there's nothing going on. So, I enjoy doing these crazy, viral videos anyway. Really hitting you hard. And then they cut that part out. There's going to be a big tornado here, there's going to be this here. And we go under this desk, and we're praying for our lives. What was it like to act alongside the machines that simulated the weather? I love that guy. I think every character, actually, because everybody had basically a camera in the movie. And there's hundreds of YouTube videos of these guys on there. I hope they remember our characters. So we're not just great improvisation actors, we're also-- KD: What do you hope people take away from this film when they see it? I got another one where I play a drunk cop. He's very excited about it. So we already had a lot of chemistry. We're funny in this thing? I'm glad they had that. He had a Go Pro in his helmet. We're praying to God-- it was a real moment with God. And they go, "Okay, Kyle, Jon, let's go. Which was a good thing at the time, because there was a scene, which unfortunately didn't make it into the film, where our characters are running from the storm.

Jon reep drunk cop

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  1. Because I used to be a skateboarder growing up. He grew up watching comics such as Jerry Lewis, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin and Jim Carrey, and he said he still tries to bring a style of comedy that is similar to theirs in that it is high-energy and follows a storytelling format.

  2. You have to scream so loud because the wind machine was so loud, they could barely hear you. We're praying to God-- it was a real moment with God.

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