Klr 659

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It took an hour to install and it looks pretty bad ass if I do say so myself. Overall I hated that thing. Also, when riding in the mud or rain, the wet stuff seems to collect in that area. All was well until the windscreen karate chopped me in the throat. Let me know — the point of all this writing is to get you out for a ride.

Klr 659

I swapped them out for the wide and aggressive Moose Hybrid off-road pegs and never looked back. I know that the Suzuki DR-Z series are arguably better suited to dual sport, and the KTM Adventure series of bikes are better for long-distance exploration trips on Jeep roads, but the big, ugly KLR is capable of both. On the road it is smooth, vibe free and stable. At least some early models had the matte black engine cases and covers rather than the later hammer-finished dark gray coloration found in the and later models. Criticism of the new design include its wide use of "sportbike plastics" for the new body panels which are prone to cracking and damage in the event of a tip-over, especially true for this genre of dual-sport motorcycles. Off road the KLR is good for fire trails, dirt roads and even some basic trails. The mount held the unit in place despite major pounding in the dirt and the screen was always easy to read. The OEM set-up is too soft and when you combine that with the spindly fork tubes it just makes for a real flighty riding experience if you are pushing it on the street or dirt. These Progressive components give the best ROI of almost all the other pieces on this bike combined. All major parts still made in Japan. Here's a bunch of KLR parts and goodies that have not worked too well: The five speed gearbox has good wide ratios suited to the KLR and final gearing, although tall, is pretty spot on for an overall set-up. On the road the suspension is soft and there is not a lot of damping control in the rear but riding the bike smoothly and with a bit of finesse when opening the throttle or grabbing the brakes keeps the big thumper balanced and there is reasonable grip from the Dunlop Trailmax tyres but edge grip is a little squirmy and I had a few front-end tucks, one ripper that I caught on video! That's not a big deal but some folks might not dig that. Aftermarket Seats There were three seats with the bike when I bought it. Now it does not stay in place. These work well on hard pack granite and loamy muck-mud or whatever we have here under the lush forest canopy of the Pacific Northwest. Installation was easy but it looked like it was going to suck from the start. Beefed up the engine cases with extra bolts between the crank and countershaft; crank has a different part number, and may be lighter. The power is plenty for the bike, even in restricted mode, there is enough torque to plod along at a good pace and plenty on tap for passing trucks and cars on the open road. First of all it is powered by a liquid-cooled cc four-valve single-cylinder DOHC four-stroke engine with a five-speed wide ratio gearbox. The KLR has been rumored to be discontinued following the model year. So, I finally got one about six months into owning it. Over the years I have tried a variety of seats, a few different footpeg types, lightweight luggage, windscreens, and some good and bad bolt-on parts. Then, when I arrived at home and was pushing it into the garage it was really hard to push.

Klr 659

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  1. Changed valve cover, added bracket to hold cam chain bumper; changed crank to heavier unit; improved clutch basket with 1 more clutch plate; changed countershaft sprocket retainer from slotted plate to large nut; changed second and third gear ratios.

  2. If you own a company that builds them, drop me an e-mail and I will put them to the test. Now it does not stay in place.

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