Legal consent sex mentally retarded

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He believed the appellant was raping his sister. As with any standardized test, differences in culture, environment, and language may bias results. Thus, medical documentation and physician competency rulings form a solid foundation for future work toward legal recourse for the abused. Thus, physicians must be courageous to inquire about sexual activity and to report any irregularities. Nature and consequences Similar to the medical informed consent doctrine in which the patient must understand both the nature and consequences of a procedure; the individual must also understand the risks of behavior, including possible negative outcomes.

Legal consent sex mentally retarded

Yet, despite the acknowledged difficulties in writing adequate sexual abuse case law, state courts must work with some kind of standard. In other words, the jury must decide whether the person had the mental faculties to give meaningful consent. Sexuality in the mentally retarded patient. This article uses the standard terms mentally retarded individual or the mentally retarded, both of which are in accordance with the terminology used by both the American Medical Association AMA and the American Association on Mental Retardation AAMR , a strong advocacy group for this population. Whether there was factual consent [23] The complainant was an honest witness. Another Spanish study indicates that the prevalence of sexual abuse is 6. However in light of Dr Phangela not making a conclusive finding in strict compliance with section 1 1 of the Sexual Offences Act, it is difficult for this court with certainty to find that the complainant fell within one of the four categories mentioned in section 1 1 and accordingly this court cannot with certainty state that there was no legal consent. Consent to sexual activity. They must be clear and thorough in their diagnosis and mindful that their decision will impact court rulings and future legal precedents. In helping to determine legal competency, a physician or psychologist generally asks a series of questions or utilizes one of several competency assessment tests to probe the individual's various neurologic, psychological, intellectual, and physical capacities to make an informed decision. The physician is encouraged to fulfill an advocate's role by broaching the issue of sexual activity with the patient and directing the patient and caregiver toward community resources and support groups to address these issues. Acknowledgments The author acknowledges Pamela D. Cases of sexual assault are arbitrated differently according to individual state laws and statutes. The doctor was not called to testify and the medical report was handed in by consent and the contents were admitted as correct. The complainant stated she never told anyone about these incidents as the appellant had threatened to beat her if she spoke about them. Information may not be recorded consistently. Such a separation was originally intended to protect the mentally retarded citizen but in practice has proven to isolate the victim, invoke stereotypes, and impede prosecution of sexual abuse cases. Staff members' attitudes towards the sexual behavior of mentally retarded residents. Was there consent as a matter of fact. The State had not proven the mental disability of the complainant as defined in section 1 1 of the Sexual Offences Act. Also, physicians may serve as expert witnesses in the courtroom to provide professional insight into the mental and emotional status of an individual in question. Mentally retarded individuals in the United States are increasingly integrated into the community away from institutionalized care. Physicians in general have a designated responsibility to determine opinions of mental competency and expert testimony for sexual abuse cases. On the second occasion the complainant had sexual intercourse with him. States often have statutes for the intellectually disabled person separate from the general sex offense statutes.

Legal consent sex mentally retarded

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  1. Fourth, the primary care physician should have contact information available for mentally retarded patients needing further education and counseling on sexual issues.

  2. In Penal Code , California rape law defines an "incompetent" as a situation where "a person is incapable, because of a mental disorder or developmental or physical disability, of giving legal consent, and this is known or reasonably should be known to the person committing the act. A thorough examination is crucial to document sexual abuse and to prevent the spread of disease.

  3. In addition, medical perspectives on pertinent aspects of sexual development of mentally retarded individuals and profiles of the typical perpetrators of sexual abuse are provided as a reference for the practicing physician. Finally, medicine's role in the courtroom will be elucidated with recommendations to the primary care physician on how to play an advocate's role in the clinical setting.

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