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Compliment them on their looks, career graph, talents, materialistic possessions, sense of humour etc. In turn, Leo will give Cancer the love, security and stability she craves. The Leo man can be almost kittenish when he is in a secure relationship, playful and mischievous with his mate. Known to be pompous and even patronizing when working in groups, the Leo man is extremely opinionated and contrary — which can make for an impressive career in law.


This is the same approach when it comes to love and the Lion. Even harmless flirting is a no-no with the king of the jungle. With traits that make them self-driven and motivated, they can access great inner endurance when their focus is on realizing a personal vision with their art or passion. It often happens that, even when a Leo is not in charge, people will turn to him for the answers. Dating Leo men Every princess we have read about in fairytales searches for a man with the Sun in Leo. He will never settle down for a woman with low self-esteem who thinks of sex as a routine or an obligation. Compliment him in some way: After the Bridgeburner assassin departed, Sha'ik prepared to open the book to unleash the Whirlwind , but was assassinated by a Red Blade crossbow. He'll almost always choose the best restaurant, the best hotel and the best automobile. There is nothing strange about it and he is, after all, the king of the zodiac. Who could forget the legendary Leo-Leo coupling of J. Finding yourself basking in the gaze of a Leo man can feel like standing in a sunbeam, but beware — being bathed in that warmth and focused attention is addictive, so watch out for the moment when their attention swings elsewhere. Before he could convince Sha'ik to withdrew, she challenged Adjunct Tavore to single combat and was slain. He is an ambitious sort, and once he sets his mind on something, he is determined to accomplish it. Leos also frequent ultra-chic restaurants, and he'll probably be the one ordering a bottle of the best champagne on the menu. In the name of self-respect, they sometimes tend to take things too far. Even if you disagree and have a different take on things, make sure you convey it without hurting his fragile ego. The Bull isn't one to always allow the Lion to win arguments and debates, and she's more of an introvert than attention-seeking Leo. Even so, he does know when to tone things down. On the down side, Leo is very jealous and possessive. However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs. He's a hard worker, with intelligence and creativity, so he usually has no problem being able to afford such luxuries. The Leo man does nothing by halves. He will show off, make you laugh and be the biggest hero you could have ever hoped for. Everything in his space is comfortable and aesthetic, but it can be a hodgepodge of eras and styles. The Leo man is a generous, caring person who quickly forgives anyone who may unintentionally bruise his ego. The Leo man thrives on constant adoration and devotion, which let him know that he's the center of your universe.


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  1. He truly loves games, as long as they are not with his heart, and is impressed with romantic gestures of all kinds. He has an insatiable passion for life and revels in the finer things.

  2. Understanding Leo men To understand Leo, you would need to know his weaknesses and they are sometimes hard to come by. When it comes to home decor, he may be attracted to suns, crowns, golden or yellow accents, and anything that looks regal but not too gaudy either.

  3. Stick to things with value that show how much you respect and cherish him. The most important thing to remember about Leo is that his seemingly superficial nature is not superficial at all.

  4. Both the Lion and the Scorpion have dynamic personalities, and both are extremely jealous. Stick to things with value that show how much you respect and cherish him.

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