Life after prostate removal

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Sometimes, this is temporary. I presume you mean following surgery where the prostate gland is removed? To join in the conversation, simply visit this page at 10am on Wednesday 25th May. This approach is called a radical retropubic prostatectomy. The other option is to operate through an incision in the area between the scrotum and the anus, a procedure called a radical perineal prostatectomy.

Life after prostate removal

It may also be the best choice for obese men. The vas deferens, small ducts that store sperm, will either be removed or tied off. Surgeons can reach the prostate in two different ways. We might check your PSA at that stage, but this would normally take place about 3 months after surgery when we would also like to see that your continence and sexual function is improving. When operating through the abdomen, the surgeon also has a better chance of sparing nearby nerves, which means that you'll be less likely to suffer from erectile problems after the operation. Men recovering from a radical prostatectomy often face two potentially life-changing complications: I now know that my fears and negative thinking were things most men go through, however. Thanks for your question Sadiq. In the past, these side effects were devastating and practically inevitable. Radical prostatectomy also gives them the best chance of a long-term cure. Unfortunately Professor John Kelly has been called away urgently to theatre and will not be able to join us this morning. Surgery is hard on the body, but it's nothing compared to cancer. Men who have trouble achieving erections can often return to normal -- or near-normal -- with the help of sildenafil Viagra or other treatments for sexual dysfunction, he says. According to the National Cancer Institute, "treatment patterns are strongly influenced by age, with younger men tending to have radical prostatectomy, middle aged men tending to have radiation therapy, and older men tending to have conservative approaches no treatment or hormone therapy. As you'll see, your life won't necessarily take a turn for the worse after prostate surgery. But with prostate cancer , the potential side effects can be particularly concerning to men who are trying to decide which approach is right for them. There are many advantages to robotic surgery in the short term, and what we do know is that early results are at least as good as the other techniques you describe. What are the possible long-term side effects of a radical prostatectomy? Our expert is Mr Prabhakar Rajan , consultant urological surgeon who will be available to answer your questions and separate myths from facts about recovering from prostate cancer surgery and living with the side effects of surgery. Please see a transcript below. He deals with persistent sexual dysfunction, but the bladder control issues he first experienced after his surgery have resolved. Surgeons perform the surgery only when the cancer appears to be confined to the prostate and nearby lymph nodes. References Interview with J. This is very personal choice, and so it is important that all the options possible for you are discussed and made available. There are ways to get back your erections after surgery, and I think it might be a good idea to see your GP to get a referral to one of our specialist andrologists at UCLH who are world experts in erectile problems. The other major side effect of surgery is incontinence, but we would hope that this would improve with time and pelvic floor exercises.

Life after prostate removal

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  1. With radiation, erections are usually less affected in the beginning, but over time—months or, sometimes, years—sexual dysfunction may develop. We base this on the x-ray tests that we do before surgery, which are very very good, but unfortunately these are not perfect there is no "perfect" test.

  2. The surgeon will also remove your seminal vesicles, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

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