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The geometry of Marciac is pretty straightforward: Disappointed faces abounded after the abandoned concert, but when it comes to Marciac and jazz, it seems an ill wind can blow some good: No wonder the good people of Marciac have erected a life-size statue of Marsalis.


King, Herbie Hancock and Sonny Rollins, who kicks off the festival this year, aged As you enter the last kilometer of your drive, your doubts are definitively quelled. Route du Lac, Barely people live there, yet over about three weeks in August, an average of nearly ten times that number come to visit every single day. Whatever your misgivings, you are indeed on the right track. Reinhardt was a Belgian-born gypsy whose family moved to the outskirts of Paris when he was young. E-Mail article The small Gascon town of Marciac in southwest France enjoys a quiet existence, much as it has done since it was founded by local nobility in the late 13th century. Will it be suited for a nap, and if so how long should the nap last? In the early hours of the morning of Woodstock's second day, a young folk singer takes to the stage, alone with only her guitar. It isn't uncommon to hear people who have been coming to the festival for years asking themselves "how come I've never been here before?. The cinema offers an interesting alternative for such architects of idle pastimes. There's far more traffic here than you'd expect this far into the countryside, and the road is lined with posters from the festival's main media partner, France Musique. Place de la Mairie, Pujaudran, Many people don't know that in the larger of the two can be found a small cinema. But the locals will reply that they are jazz connoisseurs just as much as Americans are, and that music whose spiritual home is the French quarter of New Orleans automatically belongs to the French as well. Once you're parked and you've made it to the main square, you can listen to the free jazz on the central stage while enjoying a glass of Armagnac, have a meal in one of the restaurants under the arcades, or explore the numerous artisanal stands. Gilhaumon and others decided it would be a good idea to enliven the summer—and no doubt fill the empty space between rugby seasons—with some live jazz. It is open year-round, and during the festival offers a daily program of film screenings and conferences, showing some new releases but mostly features or documentaries about music. But as you drive along, and the roads get narrower and windier, as you find yourself crossing ever smaller villages with odd-sounding names, you may start to question whether you have the right directions. The geometry of Marciac is pretty straightforward: The concert was such a success that it was decided to make it an annual event, with an empty furniture factory as the venue. Visitors can wander around, sit and listen to the music, sip the local Gascon wine or Armagnac and sample not only the regional food think foie gras and duck in a bewildering variety of permutations but, as befits an international festival, cuisine from around the world. It was speedily cleared and no damage was done by the passing squall. You've prepared your GPS and entered in your destination perhaps you know little more about it than the name and that of the jazz legend you bought tickets many months in advance to go see there. Disappointed faces abounded after the abandoned concert, but when it comes to Marciac and jazz, it seems an ill wind can blow some good:


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  1. Among the French contingent: From the comfort of our movie theater armchairs, we could experience her half-a-century-old performance of two iconic songs, "Joe Hill" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

  2. Will it be suited for a nap, and if so how long should the nap last? Rolling fields and vineyards unfold around this ancient, fortified bastide—a medieval new town—and in the distance, to the south, the far pavilions of the Pyrenees loom large with their silent snow-capped peaks.

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