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He has now decided to try being evil, and is responsible for all of the nightmarish events in the story also musing that after 2, years of evil, he may spend the next 2, years feeling guilty. He trapped Christmas Eve in a time loop where humanity became progressively more despondent and violent in each go-round because of the lack of hope for the future, edging toward World War III. In Countdown to Final Crisis, the modern Mxyzptlk claims to have always felt the need for a "public" in the third dimension, and that Superman was not his first victim. This is a temporary deterrent:


The Earth-One version is also retconned into Superboy stories as the red-haired Master Mxyzptlk, who bedevils Superboy during his youth in Smallville. In the s animated series , Superman: Mixyezpitellik's relationship with Ultraman also mirrors that between Mxyzptlk and Superman; while to Superman, Mxyzptlk is merely a mischievous annoyance who rarely makes a great impact upon him, Ultraman finds himself terrified by Mixyezpitellik's power and is thus made to act as his agent. Much crueler than his ancestor, this version kills most of the Legion of Super-Heroes until Superboy tricks him into falling victim to the same "Kltpzyxm" weakness, reversing the effects of his magic. In his first appearance, Mxyztplk wreaks havoc across Metropolis by using his powers to pull all manner of pranks, first pretending he got hit by a truck and killed, then increasing his weight when the ambulance gets there and waking up to shock them. Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade[ edit ] Mxyzptlk is the main villain in the miniseries. Like the comics version, he is a native of the fifth dimension and could only be sent back by saying his name backwards but he is more malevolent: Though easily the most powerful of Superman's recurring enemies, the scope of Mxyzptlk's true potential is limited by his personality: Another one sees him interrupt Superman's heat-vision shave, but Superman defeats him by merely mistaking his name as Mr. Gsptlsnz left and Mxyzptlk right , as seen in Superman: Although Mxyzptlk does not appear in Grant Morrison 's JLA , Morrison took advantage of certain similarities to tie Johnny Thunder 's Thunderbolt and Aquaman 's nemesis Qwsp to the fifth dimension, implying the dimension may be the origin for legends of djinn. When a Mxyzptlk jaunt causes a special appearance by Superman to be cancelled and children, who had done nothing to Mxyzptlk, to be disappointed, Superman himself decides to turn the tables and visit the 5th dimension how is not explained , making trouble for the imp, who is running for mayor. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Film[ edit ] Mxyzptlk was one of the villains considered, but ultimately discarded, for Superman III , as written in an outline by Ilya Salkind. Dudley Moore was the top choice to play the role. When confronted by Superboy later on, the imp declares that he had no knowledge of his adventure with Young Justice. Just as Ultraman is in every way the opposite of Superman - uncontrolled, violent, and petulant - so is Mixyezpitellik from Mxyzptlk. However, in his next appearance, this has no effect; the "condition" that would send him back to the fifth dimension would be anything he stated it to be for the occasion, and the act itself would not banish him, but instead be Mxyzptlk abiding by his own terms. He also began smoking cigars, symbolic of his newer, more antagonistic nature. His attacks on Superman are revenge for failing to notice he has been missing and he proceeds to make Lois forget about her own son. A DC Comics Adventure. This is because Mxyzptlk was not left to annoy Superman. And so, he became the sad king that one day, the jester Mxyzptlk would come to entertain, and who would be slain by Vndyktvx in an eternal and apparently natural for five-dimensional beings cycle. Art by Karl Kerschl. He chooses to examine a Halloween party in Happy Harbor , focusing on the results of aging a portion of the teens and causing some of the others to frantically dance out of control.


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  1. Eventually, the spell was lifted when Luthor told "Clark Kent" where the red kryptonite had come from, believing that he would not be breaking Mxyzptlk's rule about not letting Superman know the truth if he told Kent and Kent told Superman.

  2. Secret Origin[ edit ] In Young Justice 3, Peter David showed Mxyzptlk's origins as a serious-minded researcher, who travels through time, summoned by computer-based occultists.

  3. Mon-El angrily demands that he say or spell his name backwards as that would banish him back to the fifth dimension. But one day he found a book which told him of this world.

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