Mma redding ca

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Jim Howard, 53, owner of the Redding Submission gym, attributes the growth of MMA to the increased excitement levels of the sport coupled with a decline in boxing because of a corrupt image. He had only six days' notice before the fight. It seemed to be all my answers in one stop. The fighting is comparable to boxing but also includes grappling, kicking and choking, virtually creating an "anything goes" sport. Most arts are one-dimensional like wrestling or boxing, but MMA puts them all together.

Mma redding ca

For most fighters, it's enough to cover training costs but it's not the reason people get into the profession. Deep down people love that. He rode the wave of the sport from practicing a hobby with fellow enthusiasts in backyards to having 11 pro fights under his belt. Thanks, guys, I appreciate any help. Some promotions include incentives such as Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night. The couple has a 1-year-old daughter named Lilly. It has surpassed boxing as a spectator sport and, locally, Win-River sells out its matches each quarter. NorCal I'm in a bind. People are being educated on the sport and learning they can do it. When I mentioned that, he said one of the pro fighters at his gym also did BJJ and submission stuff, and my eyes lit up. I looked it up and I couldn't find any contact info for the gym, but I did find several pages of MMA tournaments with guys listing "Redding Submission Fighting" as their dojo. Holmes Sports reporter T. If you lose, you learn from it. Vallotton's pro career is about half as long as Swofford's but the two share a common goal of competing for as long as they can and earning a living doing what they love. Holmes of the Redding Record Searchlight Posted: That enthusiasm translated into seven of his eight pro victories coming by knockout. Saturday; doors open at 6: Now Swofford, a year-old native of Redding, fights in international arenas and trains in one of the top MMA gyms in Redding. Local competitors fill the majority of the fight card every three months and the event has sold out since Read the short story by c licking here. He pulled off the upset of the event, knocking out Jay Silva with an elbow to the temple in the first round, earning Knockout of the Night honors and igniting his career. It has it all? So I was throwing this out there: The problem is, he doesn't know what or where Redding Submission Fighting is. Does anyone know about Redding Submission Fighting or how I can get in contact with them?

Mma redding ca

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  1. It came after four straight wins and what he felt was the best training of his career. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a small group of five or six guys who get together a couple times a week and train in some garage converted to a gym, and that I'll need to know this Joe guy to get connected.

  2. It's grown into something bigger than we would have ever imagined. When I mentioned that, he said one of the pro fighters at his gym also did BJJ and submission stuff, and my eyes lit up.

  3. Read the short story by c licking here. But I don't want to do anything else, I'm not really good at anything else and I've been successful so far so I'm going to keep doing it.

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