Movies similar to serendipity

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But now she has to travel to Alaska to meet Andrew's entire family for his grandmother's birthday. Romantics will love this story. She has been in love with Kinnear's character, David Larrabee, for years.

Movies similar to serendipity

The relationship between Vivian and Edward is touching and sweet. A young poet, Christian, falls in love with a terminally ill star, Satine, who is a cabaret actress and courtesan. Ledger shines as the male lead, which is particularly sad given his early death a few years ago. Ormond's character Sabrina is a beautiful young woman who has grown from an ugly duckling into a stunning catch. Who will Bella end up choosing? The film places the lead character, Rick Blaine Bogart in the quandary of choosing between his love interest and his moral and political beliefs. But really, most of them are trite and predictable. The hilarious film is a must-see, especially for fun and a change of pace. Perhaps somewhat ironically, the movie itself is a remake of Love Affair, a film. He then finds out that Lund needs the letters to exit the country for America with her husband. You'll have to watch the movie with its fun cast of characters including Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, Mandy Patinkin and others. I love the beautiful music. Eventually Seth learns that there is a way that he can be with Maggie, through the process of "failing. If you haven't seen this one -- it's time. One of Meg Ryan's best performances in a romantic movie, and I really love Nic Cage's vulnerability and emotion. When Margaret is threatened with deportation to Canada, she forces Andrew to pretend that they are engaged to be married. The story is based in my home state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. The movie begins with Christian presenting a new play to Satine, who has mistaken him for a new client, the Duke of Monroth, promising investment in the cabaret. Casablanca stars Bogart and Bergman, as well as other notables of midth century Hollywood. Francesca is an ignored spouse in Iowa who takes Kincaid in, while her husband and children are away at the state fair. Love Story Love Story is the first romantic movie I recall seeing, and perhaps also the one with the longest lasting impression on me. What sets "Ever After" apart from other films based on the classic fairy tale is that it's rendered as a true-life story that took place in 16th century France. Before the wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped by three outlaws. Oda Mae, Goldberg's character, is a con man who discovers that she can communicate with Sam. After he rescues Rose from a near suicide attempt, the two fall quickly and madly in love. Seth is an angel, played by Nicholas Cage, who falls in love with a living human being -- a heart surgeon named Maggie, who is played by Meg Ryan.

Movies similar to serendipity

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