Non assertive behavior definition

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Aggression enhances you at the expense of others and puts others down. Non-Assertiveness A non-assertive person is one who is often taken advantage of, feels helpless, takes on everyone's problems, says yes to inappropriate demands and thoughtless requests, and allows others to choose for him or her. Saying no and not feeling guilty about it can become a habit that can be very growth enhancing. You may fail to express your views or feelings altogether. Putting hands on hips and wagging the head.

Non assertive behavior definition

Speak fluently, without hesitation, and with assurance and confidence. Agree with the odds - Agree with any possible truth in the critical statement. Workable Compromise - When your self-respect is not in question offer a workable compromise. The right to say NO without feeling guilty. Leaning forward with glaring eyes. When saying no, it is important to be direct, concise, and to the point. Saying no does not imply that you reject another person; you are simply refusing a request. Free Information - Learn to listen to the other person and follow-up on free information people offer about themselves. Demonstrate assertive body language. The right to be listened to and taken seriously. An aggressive says, "You're not OK. This free information gives you something to talk about. Method of Conflict Resolution Both parties describe the facts of the situation. Assertive Techniques Broken Record - Be persistent and keep saying what you want over and over again without getting angry, irritated, or loud. Compromise may be necessary, but compromise may not be possible. And, in order to influence others, you need first to influence yourself. You express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in often apologetic, cautious or self-effacing ways. In order to be kind to others, you need to learn to be kind to yourself. You deny your own importance when you say yes and you really mean no. Saying no is a skill that can be learned. You can be apologetic and submissive in standing up for your needs and wants, or stand up for them in a manipulative and less authentic way. Indirect ways of asking for what you want may not be understood. As such, assertiveness can be an effective tool for men who are seeking to proactively alleviate violence in their lives, as well as a tool for fostering healthier, more satisfying lives. Speak in a clear, steady voice - loud enough for the people to whom you are speaking to hear you. Agree in principle - Agree with the general truth in a logical statement such as, "That makes sense. Aggressive behavior is when you stand up for your own rights in such a way you ignore or dismiss the rights of another.

Non assertive behavior definition

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