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These new Nuggy models have a high quality and heat resistant aluminum oxide ALOX shell that doubles as a carb cap. Those were the most often requested colors! The Nuggy Dab offers a pick, spoon, paddle and fork.


The shell is enhanced with ALOX, plus airflow grooves. The Nuggy Dab offers a pick, spoon, paddle and fork. As well as, the desire to provide customers with options on chassis size. The desire to enhance the quality of the shell, moving to aluminium oxide ALOX makes it high heat resistant, nearly indestructible. We were getting a lot of requests for something dab specific, so we listened to our customers, prototyped it, and made it happen. Both are smaller in size, 4 and 6 tools respectively, with the spring loaded tools now easier than ever to open. I also noticed that all of tools except for the LED light are made from a sturdy and high-quality stainless steel, so I never felt any potential danger of damaging the Nuggy or my glass and vapes while using it. When I needed to roll a joint , I already had the tamper tool nearby to poke my material down into the paper. While it can be a bit chunky in your pocket, its overall small size and shape make it very easy to carry in a bag or container. Our Verdict Whether I was assembling my Ikea nightstand, opening a beer, or rolling a joint, the Nuggy had something for me to use. We tested and actually created a keychain demo, but found feedback from our test population was mixed regarding the keychain loop location and usage. Did you use 3D printing or any other type of technology to design the new versions? Why blue and pink? The company just launched two new styles called the Nuggy Dab and the Nuggy Hybrid. The new Nuggy Dab option with four tools is super light and slim, and the midsize Hybrid allows for the best of both the flower and concentrate worlds. What influenced your decision to update the Nuggy? What are some of the biggest changes you made? Like we did with the Original Nuggy, we used 3D printing. Browse More Cannabis Products All of those tools are something that I have found myself needing to use for various cannabis situations, whether I was inside my apartment or out and about in the city or outdoors, so having all of them wrapped into one small item was extremely useful. And, we modified the mini-spoon to optimize collection and roll off into a dab rig. When I needed to clean out the ashes and Scooby snacks in my bowl before packing a fresh one, out came the pick tool. We still have a tremendous backlog of desires from our customers. What was that process like? We spent a lot of time and energy optimizing the tool tension to ensure safety and effectiveness, while making it easy to open. When I wanted to roll a blunt , the knife tool was right there to easily slice my wrap. Those were the most often requested colors!


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  1. The Nuggy in Action While the tools of the Nuggy are sturdy, strong, and easy to use, pulling out the tools can pose a bit of a challenge.

  2. We were getting a lot of requests for something dab specific, so we listened to our customers, prototyped it, and made it happen.

  3. In particular, Nuggy fans are requesting a keychain. In order to release and use a particular tool in the Nuggy, you have to grip the small metal levers attached to each tool except for the LED light with either your finger, fingernail, or any other item you want and pull back with a bit more force and effort than you may expect.

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