Oc register classified ads

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They also have an online, and mobile site. Most of Orange County is served by one of their community papers. Contact the owners regarding advertising or putting in positive community stories. They have articles about music events, bars, and local happenings.

Oc register classified ads

And you are reaching more than 18 year old students scrounging for beer money. They publish four times a week and claim to be the leading Japaneese-American newspaper with a circulation over 45, This is a paper from the Orange County Register. Your best bet of getting your press release published would be to try and get it into one of the Registers Local edition. Today it has a lot more large ads. Link to their media kits. Their new website www. If you advertise, you might get an article in. Yes, people still read actually news papers, and advertising in a community newspaper can be effective because 1 it targets a local area or community so you are not paying to broadcast your ad to people who will never buy from you and 2 it is cheaper than advertising in a county wide newspaper. If you know of a local newspaper, magazine, or coupon book not listed, please let us know so we can add to the list. It has a lot of OC readers especially in areas near Long Beach. Generally, it has to be something news worthy. They have 14 zones for local businesses to advertise in, and a phone app that consumers can install on their phone. You see ads for local music events, new restaurants, and of coarse pot. This slick magazine is catching on as it features content relevant to their readers: They also have ads for cosmetic surgery and dentistry. This is mostly an advertising magazine, but they do have articles about local businesses. As their name implies interviews and articles about live music in the OC; and since they are a new publication they offer reasonable advertising rates. Many contractors advertise in more than one of these issues; and people in high income areas receive one of these guides about once a week. They are associated with Clipper Home Magazine. We have been working on some basic resources that might help you come up with ideas about what to write, and some tips on writing a press release. Or 3 subscribe to the paper on-line and use your password to access the community papers. If they are still around, please let us know. They have changed their advertising program. These magazines are the place apartment mangers and owners turn to first when they need something. They have five editions covering Southern California including an OC edition. You need to place an ad in one of their three local papers with the local paper.

Oc register classified ads

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  1. You need to go through OCweekley to advertise. They limit advertising to only two contractors doing the same job, and they help you get a professional ad with graphics and even QR Codes so customers can use their smart phones.

  2. They have enough money to rent an expensive apartment, and when they move they will buy a lot of stuff and services. Get Free Advertising with a Press Release in a Local Paper If you are opening a business, expanding, or have won an award you might be able to get a story in a local paper.

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