Ox and rabbit compatibility

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In the end, the two are quite compatible if they are willing to make use of their similarities rather than focus on their differences. In the end though, both the Ox and Rabbit are united in their tendency to think long and deep before taking upon any commitment; neither are rash and impulsive with their promises. They are never free to adjust their decision making process. Both lovers are simply into something that is not too exciting.

Ox and rabbit compatibility

He also needs to try to loosen up a bit, as this Rabbit loves to get footloose and fancy-free now and again. In addition to this, the ox lover finds the rabbit as an individual that understands things with ease. You enjoy the Rabbit's intelligence, but you need to be wary of criticizing her. Both partners respect each other. Therefore a perfect evening for him would most probably mean a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware. On the bright side, the benefits would come about as a result of the positive attributes of both lovers. You do not do well with mates who suffer from a lot of emotional turbulence or who are drawn to drama. Lovemaking will be a pleasant experience for both, though containing none of the fierce intensity of the Snake lover or the emotional depth of the Pig partner. They would be more than ready to listen to them whenever they are tired from work. The Ox on the other hand likes nothing more than spending their leisure hours at their comfortable home, ensconced in a huge soft armchair or rustling up delicacies in a fully-equipped kitchen. They would not feel contented with some plain love coming to their side. Lovemaking will be a pleasant experience for both, though containing none of the fierce intensity of the Snake lover or the emotional depth of the Pig partner. You do not like to be rushed and never procrastinate. They have no need of complicating issues beyond expectations. The Rabbit sometime behaved as self centered and focused on their own desires. Try this marriage compatibility calculator. Consequently, from the look of things, it is quite likely that the ox would feel appreciated by the rabbit lover. Any natural love affair should go through this normal thing. If they crave any excitement, all they need to do is let a little bit of the outside world in for a little while. She will encourage you to take a break from hard work once in awhile and simply enjoy life. You leave no project unfinished and no debt unrepaid. Their dire need for stability might come off as excessive emotional pressure to the rabbit. To them, social gatherings and parties are a bore and if the occasion demands it, they would much rather host close friends and family members at his own place. The grounded nature of the ox will definitely demand for some emotional security for the Ox Rabbit sexuality. However, the plus side is that the negativities of one partner are complemented by the positive traits of the other partner. If she thinks you are making a mistake, she will be very respectful in making her requests and you will find it easier to consider changing your mind for her than for anybody else.

Ox and rabbit compatibility

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  1. The Ox is particularly attracted to creature comforts - both the male and female of the zodiac sign likes to be indulged since their earthy nature is flattered by all the delights of the senses.

  2. On the other end, the rabbit lover is gentle. She can also help him gain some refinement.

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