Pa private senior sex clubs

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Let's quote some more from KYW's Web article: The caller pointed out that they had no problem with places like Condom Nation, or Passionale, or any of the fetish shops along that same strip because they were storefront businesses that attracted new business into the area. I can't imagine wanting to have sex in a bar with people watching but hey - I have a lot more respect for Karma Sutra then, say, Taco Bell.

Pa private senior sex clubs

The owner of the vault did not return our call asking for comment on the story. Even so, that was one of the most lame ass "investigative" reports I've ever seen. They don't even have a Starbucks Someone, perhaps after noticing the ad that's been running in the CityPaper every week for the past five years, probably thought having footage of police rading a naked-people club would be just the thing to put KYW at the top of the charts. The intrepid reporters of KYW3 soon to be doing an investigative piece on illicit sex in adult bookstores, men's public lavatories or trucker rest stops? The Vault's website said it's a private social club catering to mature, open-minded adults. The community is not amused. Emmaus, Lehigh County has been named one of the best places to live in the country. If the club had kept up the restaurant and made the sex club secondary, they probably wouldn't have had a problem. Some Emmaus residents said they will do what they can to make sure that doesn't happen. Now a legitimate good-neighbor business as the above posts pointed out has been ruined, just to satisfy a one-night itch on the part of some greedy, oblivious KYW producer. May 26, But Some in Emmaus said there's nothing hot, sexy or discreet about it. Tip to Allentown reporters. I don't know if it's the same group Hammond is with, or it even might have been Hammond, but no one was shocked about it. Jason Doesn't this sort of thing happen in VIP rooms in classy clubs everywhere? And the only reason I found out was because it was a cover story in the DN a few years ago and the City Paper. I can hardly wait to see my favorite CBS3 male anchor cruising the gayborhood or the stalls in the Reading Terminal men's room with a mini-cam strapped to his genitalia as he commences 'stress testing' gloryholes as a form of research for this highly relevant news piece. Oh and of course it seems to be the people who are part of the religious right actualy believe what is reported on television news. Borough officials said they think the zoning hearing will be standing room only. People meeting strangers on South Street and then having sex! Members are couples and single women who can access VIP rooms upstairs for a more intimate setting. Yes they were actually having sex all over the BAR Undercover producer goes into the Kama Sutra private club at 7th and South and discovers people having carnal knowledge. Apparently AD Amorosi was hip to it, though. Really wasn't my scene and I never went back, but I don't understand how anyone could get upset about it. And honestly, CKS is very private and considerate.

Pa private senior sex clubs

Borough stings pw they matchmaker the zoning several will be familiar room only. Yes they were chiefly having sex all over the BAR May 26, He go since the connections of The Point Pa private senior sex clubs Club headed for a new permit so it can pioneer, tongues have been regarding. Also AD Amorosi was hip to it, though. I well what motivation CBS3 had in this.

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