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Catholic residents of the township also worship in the chapel. The house is named after Charles de Foucauld a French martyr who was killed in Algeria. School crocodiles[ edit ] Crocodile The school has two crocodiles which are considered as important components in the school's tapestry.


School chapel[ edit ] School chapel The chapel building can accommodate the entire student population. Between and the school was the sole representative of the Kwahu zone in basketball at the Super Zonal games. It is named after Charles Lwanga one of the Martyrs of Uganda. Palm plantation[ edit ] Palm plantation The school has two large palm plantations; one at the entrance of the school and the other at the mid-eastern side of the school. Porres House is the first house on the first floor of the old dormitory block, named after Martin de Porres. There are visits from the Bishop of the Koforidua Diocese under which the parish falls. The house is the only house on the first floor of the new dorm and the sixth house of the school. The house colour is light blue. In , Kwaku Kissi Annoh and Benjamin Fenny broke a year barren run to take the trophy to Persco for a third time. Houses[ edit ] Claver House is the first house on the ground floor of the old dormitory block. In , the first science block was built with the help of labour from the Nkwatia people, followed by the SVD house, the offices and the dining hall in History[ edit ] The idea to establish the school started in when a delegation approached Fr. Augustine house is the second house on the first floor of the old dorm. The first speech and prize-giving day was held in June , the same year during which the first class of 15 fifth formers graduated. Luanga House shares the ground floor of the old dormitory block with Claver House. The laboratories are used for science practicals for the mandatory science courses of Physics , Biology and Chemistry. The placement test was to make sure only the best students were selected to the science programs. Catholic residents of the township also worship in the chapel. Sunday mass is attended by the student body and Catholic staff members. The house colour is green. Mass is officiated by the School Chaplain and sometimes by other priests who are usually members of the teaching staff. Dormitories[ edit ] Old dormitory The school has five dormitory blocks housing six houses named after Roman Catholic saints who were associated with Africa or Black people. Peter's is known to have produced one of the highest numbers of medical doctors in Ghana. Until the introduction of the computerized placement system by the government for the placement of junior high graduates into secondary schools, the school conducted placement examinations for its first years. In October , the school enrolled 15 students to start its first form six class. Academics Facilities[ edit ] Classroom block The academic side of the school, popularly referred to as the Class Side, is the site of classroom blocks, science laboratories, a computer laboratory and the administration block. Augustine of Hippo who is arguably one of the most influential Christian Scholars and philosophers the world has known.


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  1. It is named after Charles Lwanga one of the Martyrs of Uganda. Linzenbach, SVD architect and director of planning Steyl Rome arrived to stake out plans for a new dormitory block to be jointly financed by the bishops of Germany and SVD.

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