Philippines sex education research work

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Respondents strongly disagree They should also learn to judge whether depictions of sex and sexuality in the media are true or false, realistic or not, and whether they are positive or negative. I always pray to show that my creator is the center of my life. Sex education programmes and seminars, integration of such topics and emphasis to all elementary students is urgently needed not later than is necessary

Philippines sex education research work

It was found that most of the students are female Another term that would work equally well, though less often used, is religiousness. It is important to include Sex Education in the curriculum I am enrolled in. The data to be obtained from the questionnaires will be collected. Children should have a basic understanding that some people are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. What is the percentage level of perception of the respondents on sex education in terms of: The two contradicting aspects affect the mentality and morality of people. What is the percentage level of family background of the respondents in terms of: There are three parts of the survey questionnaire. For validity and reliability of interpretation of data, statistical tools should be utilized. This can be scary, since it forces us to examine what we say we value and what we truly value. Sex education is a crucial issue involving scientific and religious aspects. Appropriateness Sex Education should only be Please rate eachitem according to the following scale. Sex education is needful and necessary for our young ones. Sex Education Appropriate for Children. Bachelor of Elementary Education Students refers to the students of the University of Mindanao taking up the degree on Bachelor of Elementary Education. Sex Education is urgently Moderately Table 3 shows the perception of respondents in terms of relevance, urgency, and appropriateness. It is part of their profession to teach with the ability to adopt new strategies in incorporating sex education in their curriculum. Rest assured that all answers will be kept confidential. Sex Education should be taught only by parents or guardians and He maintains that such cognitive development is achieved through interaction with the environment. This study is beneficial to the following: Further, it has been shown in the 23 records that BEEd students believe that integration of sex education in high school curriculum is urgently necessary to be taught with emphasis to all elementary students not later than the year This tool is used to find the percentage of the items to see whether family background has an influence to the perceptions of BEEd students on sex education.

Philippines sex education research work

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