Philosophy of sex and love

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Paul's praising, in 1 Corinthians 7, sexual celibacy as the ideal spiritual state. It also attempts to define less abstract concepts, such as prostitution, pornography, and rape. For example, in masturbating or in being anally sodomized, the body is just a tool of sexual satisfaction and, as a result, the person undergoes "disintegration. Given such a pessimistic metaphysics of human sexuality, one might well conclude that acting on the sexual impulse is always morally wrong. The Way of the Lord Jesus.

Philosophy of sex and love

Thus, depending on what particular moral principles about sexuality one embraces, the various ingredients that constitute the nonmoral quality of sexual acts can influence one's moral judgments. In such a case it would not be implausible to say that we did not undergo a sexual experience and so did not engage in a sexual act. Liberal Ethics We have already encountered one debate: Hence both persons are reduced to the animal level. Oxford University Press, , pp. What is it about a sexually perverted activity that makes it sexual? One immediate application of this thought is that prostitution, which to many sexual liberals is a business bargain made by a provider of sexual services and a client and is largely characterized by adequately free and informed consent, may be morally wrong, if the economic situation of the prostitute acts as a kind of pressure that negates the voluntary nature of his or her participation. Plagiarism is not only immoral but foolish. The grades are based on: A sexual act might be morally bad yet nonmorally good: But that judgment rests not simply on the fact that he or she did not provide pleasure for the other person, that is, on the fact that the sexual activity was for the other person nonmorally bad. The free and informed consent of both parties may be a necessary condition for the morality of their sexual activity, but without the presence of some other ingredient love, marriage, devotion, and the like their sexual activity remains mere mutual use or objectification and hence morally objectionable. More frequently, however, the pessimistic metaphysicians of sexuality conclude that sexual activity is morally permissible only within marriage of the lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual sort and only for the purpose of procreation. The woman who allows herself to be nagged into sex by her husband worries that if she says "no" too often, she will suffer economically, if not also physically and psychologically. Bechhofer, eds, Acquaintance Rape. Although Aquinas does not say so explicitly, but only hints in this direction, it follows from his philosophy of sexuality that fellatio, even when engaged in by heterosexuals, is also perverted and morally wrong. We go out of our way, for example, to make ourselves look more attractive and desirable to the other person than we really are, and we go to great lengths to conceal our defects. The arousal of the fetishist is, from the perspective of natural human psychology, defective. Undergarment fetishism is a sexual perversion, and not merely, say, a "fabric" perversion, because it involves sexual pleasure. Moreover, a person who gives in to another's sexual desire makes a tool of himself or herself. The divide between metaphysical optimists and metaphysical pessimists might, then, be put this way: See Summa Theologiae, vol. Perverted sexual encounters or events would be those in which this mutual recognition of arousal is absent, and in which a person remains fully a subject of the sexual experience or fully an object. Sex, Love, and Friendship. Whether that is true likely depends on what we mean by "morally good" sexuality and on certain features of human moral psychology. Whether a sexual activity is natural or perverted does not depend, on Nagel's view, on what organs are used or where they are put, but only on the character of the psychology of the sexual encounter.

Philosophy of sex and love

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  1. What I should definitely not do is to tell you to count only those people with whom you had a pleasing or satisfactory sexual experience, forgetting about, and hence not counting, those partners with whom you had nonmorally bad sex. Sanders, Stephanie, and June Reinisch.

  2. Such views are common among Christian thinkers, for example, St. For Nagel, masturbatory fetishism is perverted for a quite different reason:

  3. Editions Rodopi, , pp. If the other person's consent is taken as sufficient, that shows that I respect his or her choice of ends, or that even if I do not approve of his or her particular choice of ends, at least I show respect for his or her ends-making capability.

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