Pictures of turtles sex organs

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Almost too sad they don't really exist. Nor had I heard of anything like it, so naturally I freaked-out, and assumed he had somehow gotten his insides on the outside of his body!!! It always puzzled me, why male turtle doesn't faint when this organ much larger than it's head and presumably filled with blood was extended?

Pictures of turtles sex organs

By remaining attached to the female, the male can prevent other males from mating with her. He wont expose himself with me just holding him; but my younger male Raph seems to not mind hanging low. Across all species, sea turtles are, for the most part, loners that only come together during the mating season. My formost regret trust I have many from this ordeal , is that I did not have the where-with-all to take a picture when I had the chance When the next breeding season rolls around, the male sea turtles return to the nesting site and begin the love game with new females; females from the previous season, on the other hand, don't come back for another few years, likely due to the energy required to produce those hundreds of eggs. A rough act To mate, a male will climb onto a female's back while she is swimming horizontally in the water. Males generally arrive much earlier than females, because sea turtle mating runs on a first-come-first-serve basis. The female stops mating once she has enough sperm to fertilize all of her clutches for the season. Usually, the male perches on top of the female, who moves her tail feathers to the side to expose her cloaca. Log in to post comments By RPManni not verified on 27 Aug permalink My 2 pound red eared slider has a significant problem when his organ comes out as what appears to be a large part of his intestine larger than a golf ball comes out as well. What in the world!?!?! Young adult male G. As is the case with most other species, males will mate with any female they can. It was traumatic only for a minute or two, then pure bewilderment set in for a while, of course "I gotta know" is my current focus His long penis, which can be almost half the length of his shell, will emerge from his cloaca to penetrate and inseminate the female's cloaca. Log in to post comments By Kathleen not verified on 23 Mar permalink i came upon this sight while doing a google search about something i had seen in my turltes tank the other night. However, there are also other situations that may see the turtle's reproductive organ protrude from the cloaca, including general agitation or excitement, muscle control problems, constipation, infection, urination and defecation. In all honestly, it's impressive. He sat a second and walked out and pulled all his equipment back inside where it belongs! Any suggestions to provide him with some assistance would be appreciated. I did not see in the post above what the evolutionary reasoning was for an "organ" that big. After the pair separates, they go on to mate with other sea turtles. Funny looking, but impressive. Incidentally, once or twice I had cause to lift recently mated female G. By Christopher Taylor not verified on 14 May permalink I spent some time working with Blanding's turtles up here in Nova Scotia they're species at risk. This delicate balancing act can often take several attempts before resulting in successful copulation.

Pictures of turtles sex organs

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  1. Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to go scrub my brain with lye I've used really cold water, and bactraban when it became dried out and appearing to be infected.

  2. I've used really cold water, and bactraban when it became dried out and appearing to be infected.

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