Positions determine sex of baby

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Let me unleash some tips on how you can determine the gender of your choice through sexual positions during intercourse. To conceive a boy you should: On the other hand, if you are looking to conceive a girl, then also you need to check the pH level.

Positions determine sex of baby

This time you need to ensure that your body is acidic enough so that the male sperm do not survive. Shettle's theory says that by having sex closer to ovulation you will decrease your probability of conceiving a girl and increase the probability of conceiving a boy. If the reading of the pH kit shows acidic, then you need to exercise caution with your diet or else you will most likely have a girl. There are many families out there who have been desperately seeking to have a boy after several births of girls in their household and vice versa. Take supplements such as calcium, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C to help make the cervical mucus acidic which will in turn kill the Y sperm. Go ahead and try your luck! The theory says that having sex two to three days prior to ovulation means that by the time of ovulation, the boy sperms will have died off leaving only the girls sperms and hence, a greater likelihood of conceiving a girl. The father should also avoid excess heating around the genitals because heat destroys male sperm faster than female ones also, avoid tight-fitting underwear, saunas, hot tubs etc To conceive a girl, you should try eating a diet higher in magnesium, calcium and acidic foods. Manipulate the time of intercourse According to the well-known theory developed by Dr Shettles known as The Shettles Theory , sperm with the Y chromosome boy sperm travel faster and have a shorter life span than sperm with X chromosome girl sperm. So far, the ideas above remain unproven although there are is a growing number of followers who claim success by these methods including Terri and the late Steve Irwin who conceived a boy, apparently after Terri ate foods high in salt and potassium while Steve took to wearing boxer shorts to help keep the male sperm cool. This could be important for two reasons: Eat food items which are very rich in potassium. Male sperm are quicker in comparison to female sperm, but they have a very short lifespan. Story Continues after Video To conveive a boy, you should increase foods that contain potassium, like bananas. Now in order to have a boy you know that the male sperm should win over the female sperm. To do this try deep penetration, preferably with the "doggy style" position. Eat a diet higher in magnesium, calcium and acidic foods such as corn, meat, beans, fish, plums, coffee, eggs, liver and yogurt. A word of caution: Have food items which are rich in magnesium and calcium. To conceive a girl you should: Experts say that alkaline in the follicular fluid will favour Y sperm conceive a boy while acidic in the follicular fluid gives preference to the X sperm conceive a girl. To conceive a boy you should: Avoid alkaline foods such as bananas, orange, potatoes and watermelon. Instead of deep penetration, men should ejaculate as far as they can from the egg during the sexual intercourse. Also, if you want to conceive a boy, then you need to make sure that the body is alkaline enough to produce baby boy. For this you need to check the body pH level. To conceive a boy, try depositing sperm closer to the cervix opening which may give the more aggressive and quicker moving "boy" sperm a head start.

Positions determine sex of baby

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  1. Avoid dairy products and lower magnesium and calcium supplements Increase vegetables and fresh fruits Increase foods that contain potassium, like bananas Eat plenty of alkalinising foods including figs, cherries, fresh lemons, spelt bread, lentils, avocado, royal jelly, pine nuts, almonds, carrots, red radish, fresh red beets, alfalfa grass, barley grass, sprouted seeds, and wheatgrass.

  2. For a girl, shallow penetration means the sperm will be deposited nearer the entrance of the vagina where the vagina is more acidic.

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