Purolator tracking not updating

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The package has been successfully delivered. This can happen for various reasons and depends on the carrier. Their policies on the US seem to vary, I did not know Apple contracted someone. This is where I am now.

Purolator tracking not updating

I would still be pissed but would tolerate it. Fed Ex is excellent. I must say FedEx is my favorite but sometimes they have vague tracking. UPS is the only courier that has ever left items sitting on my lawn. Of course, this doesn't say it's IN Toronto, it's just been there at some point. It shipped via Purolator. This was not a simple "order", it is a highly escalated AppleCare case that is not simply Apple Store Expedited shipping. It was supposed to be send by the best of services that's what I was promised, at least. Apple was supposed to send it Air but it got sent out ground and it won't arrive for business days. A "Lost Package" case is being done and I've let my Apple rep know. I would choose Fed-Ex. They said they'd try but no promises. This is where I am now. Apple got this whole mess started. As an Apple Retailer: They managed to deliver it on time. Used to be DHL but they switched. A little frustrating, IMO. Too young to drink. Usually, Puralator tracking number has 12 digits in it and combines both letters and numbers. You should maybe take a step back and figure out that the one has nothing to do with the other. So you see, I was not ranting about them delivering it on time. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can be taken for granted or assumed to be "the same as the last time". Or do you expect zero day shipping, arriving by Transporter Beam on Thursday? Where can I find a puro tracking number?

Purolator tracking not updating

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