Qualities of a pisces woman

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A real compatibility reading is required to answer the question. Astrological Influences Pisces is a fascinating sign on its own, but there are other astrological influences that further affect Pisces individuals. A faithful lover and devoted partner, nothing makes the Pisces woman feel more complete than being in love. Some Pisceans have a difficult time setting forth a course of action for themselves. Are Pisces women kinky?

Qualities of a pisces woman

That was a Pisces woman. Her physical movements imbue feminine grace to her every gesture and are fluid as though she's moving through water. The Piscean woman loves floaty things. While Jupiter expands everyone's horizons, Saturn asks them to pull back. She will enjoy a beautiful perfume, but when you choose one, take her sensitivity to smell into consideration. She has a penchant for soft, dreamy colors like pastels. These two water signs have a better understanding of her mood swings and sensitivity. This imaginative and dreamy woman must determine how she will swim through life: She is incredibly creative in the sexual arena, and lovers may find themselves being painted with chocolate or strawberry syrup — or captured on canvas in the nude. These young Pisces may need guidance and grounding. Or, print out her favorite poem on decorative paper and take the time to frame it. The Pisces personality is compassionate and full of unconditional love. Make a collage of your pictures together and frame it so she can hang it on a wall. Compassionate Pisces make great friends, and their strong musical and artistic talents can make them fantastic dinner companions. Pisces woman related articles. Jupiter is the archaic influence on Pisces whereas Neptune is the modern influence. Nevertheless, you should also avoid labeling her as strong as well. Once people discovered additional planets in our solar system, another planet became an association of this Zodiac sign. It is the rational moments in life that drain her energy out of her and emotions will charge her batteries no matter for how long the relationship lasts. Many Pisces freelance, or have several forms of work that they juggle, ensuring that they never get bored. This sign also is aligned with the fish symbol in the Christian religion which is associated with Christ. Pisces and Relationships Swimming with the currents, most Piscean women are relaxed and laidback, which leads to an easygoing, relaxed relationship. Pisces Love Match Sensual and Dreamy Two of the most alluring traits of a Pisces woman are her sensuality and dreamy nature. The Pisces Woman does not take too kindly to people trying to tell her what drummer she must follow and being bossed around is not her forte. Because of this, she will often feel the need to be dishonest, especially when she has been burned by aggressive outbursts a couple of times. In a world of takers, they are givers.

Qualities of a pisces woman

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  1. If the energy is in a negative sense, then the number seven aligns with the melancholic, aloofness, coldness, social awkwardness, sardonic thoughts, and cowardice. How to Attract a Pisces Woman The Pisces Woman is one who appreciates spontaneity, the unpredictable, and that all too fun adrenaline rush.

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