Questions to ask about sexual assault

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All employees must complete the training in , and complete a refresher training at least once every three years. No one asks to be raped. Some individuals also want to obtain a restraining order.

Questions to ask about sexual assault

I think my friend might have raped someone. In some cases, the accused individual may be placed on emergency suspension. In many cases, an investigation is conducted following a report of sexual violence or harassment. A Confidential Employee is any employee who is a licensed medical, clinical, or mental health professional, when acting in that role in the provision of services to a patient or client who is a university student or employee. If you or someone you know is in danger or needs immediate help, call Accused students and employees have certain rights, which include the right to written notice of the allegations; the right to provide relevant information and evidence and names of relevant witnesses as part of the investigation; the right to request or be granted a hearing; rights associated with the hearing; the right to a written and timely decision, outlining the results of the investigation explaining the basis of the conclusion, and outlining the proper course of appeal. Tim has sex with Ashley. In addition, employees with higher-level responsibilities at each institution, such as supervisors, managers, directors, responsible employees, investigators, hearing examiners and panels, and campus police will receive additional training in the following areas: Is there a fee for services at the Rape Crisis Center? Most institutions, police departments, and community agencies will allow you to submit an anonymous report. Such training particularly addresses the notion of bystander intervention, which seeks to change social norms supporting sexual violence and empower individuals to intervene with peers to prevent violence from occurring. Is sexual assault a crime of passion when someone loses control? Many professional advocates likewise may maintain confidentiality. We can still help you heal from it. Later in the night, Tim notices Ashley is having a hard time standing on her own, is slurring her speech, and even leaves to throw up. These are all normal responses that usually lessen over time but often not without some kind of professional support. You might be looking for a label to put on your experience, which is totally normal. All employees who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receive a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted shall report to the dean of students of the institution. How do I know? Ashley has not, and is unable, to consent because she is not able to freely give informed consent, and is incapacitated because of alcohol or drugs. Punishments include things like being sentenced to prison, being put on periodic detention, having to do community service or having to attend a treatment programme for sexual offenders. Clients of any age should be aware that we are also required to make reports to law enforcement about disclosures of suicidal or homicidal intent. Our services are open to anyone who has experienced or been affected by an assault. Understanding sexual violence and sexual assault What is the difference between sexual violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, and Title IX? Consent is words or overt actions by a person who is competent to give informed consent, indicating a freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

Questions to ask about sexual assault

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  1. All students, faculty and employees must receive appropriate sexual violence and harassment training, as mandated by their institution. While there are certainly instances of sexual assault being perpetrated by strangers, the vast majority of sexual violence happens at the hands of someone the victim knows and often loves.

  2. Women with disabilities and those from marginalized, racial, sexual and socio-economic groups are more vulnerable to sexual violence.

  3. Ashley has not, and is unable, to consent because she is not able to freely give informed consent, and is incapacitated because of alcohol or drugs. Can I report anonymously?

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