Quickest way to cum

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Some women can only come with a clitoris, enjoying penetration afterwards, without a climax. Still takes forever and washing out that big synthetic tube feels pathetic and embarrassing. You only need a small amount and if you ever never used it during a handjob before, you will notice the huge difference it makes to the way he responds to each touch. Try Cowgirl Position This position puts more direct stimulation on the penis, and that harder feeling is what many men need to reach orgasm.

Quickest way to cum

Grab them and pin them over his head. Squeeze the penis to force more blood to the head, which temporarily makes you more sensitive. As for learning to enjoy the experience, I have plenty of sex three to five times a week that I enjoy just fine. Try Cowgirl Position This position puts more direct stimulation on the penis, and that harder feeling is what many men need to reach orgasm. Lubrication is your friend: Think too much about how you feel, what you think about her look and her behaviour etc? Make love to her in whichever way you like. It really is a huge turn on for a lot of guys and you will be surprised at how quickly he will cum if he has been teased and built up for some time. Plus, the soft, warm physical sensation it provides… women love it. This is especially true if a man is very focused on the auditory part of the experience. Repeat the same move between her legs continuously and patiently. Start with your shirt. If I get to that point, I know I'm doing it too often. Does she know how to get herself off when on top? Playing With The Balls If he likes it, this should drive him insane. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. After you remove your jeans, tease him just a little more. Not only on a physical level is each woman different but there is also the mental aspect to consider. Save that for later. Our limbic brain has some pretty deep connections to our visual memory, and our higher faculties, including imagination. Suck on his finger while he is moving inside you, and you just might get a quick ejaculation. Touch him throughout the day without allowing him to cum, get him hot and really in the mood and refuse to allow him to cum. Make sure to tease him before going in for the deep throat technique. Thinking about your woman with someone else might be enough to get things going. All about making a guy cum and cum quickly he shall.

Quickest way to cum

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