Religious view on same sex marriage

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Now it seems to be about everything from religious freedom and political correctness, to school curriculum and free speech. Shutterstock The debates about the extent to which the laws should allow exemptions for religious individuals who object to them is not new and is not restricted to same sex marriage. Allowing each individual to determine according to his or her religious convictions which laws they will keep and which they will disregard raises the troubling spectre of a religious diverse society in which each individual is a law unto themselves. Religious Marriages and Same Sex Marriage Assuming that the plebiscite does result in a law on same sex marriage being introduced, then issues of the conflict between such a law and religious freedom comes to the fore. After the meeting, Cardinal Pell reported that the religious leaders had told the prime minister:

Religious view on same sex marriage

After all, same sex marriage is a very modern phenomenon and I would favour ongoing tolerance of the residents in aged care facilities run by a church, wanting to live out their last days with individuals and couples in relationships such as they have long known them. The millennia-long debate in Hindu society, somewhat suppressed in the colonial period, has revived. Carr was fond of telling audiences that debates about the scope of religious freedom and the intersection between freedom of religion and non-discrimination were best and most easily resolved by the state premier receiving personal representations from the religious leaders. What is needed is legislation that embodies and recognises these basic religious freedoms as a human right. He said that same-sex lovers must have been cross-sex lovers in a former life. The contentious method designed for choosing a president helped lose the republic referendum. They also have bills of rights which accord some recognition to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Will teachers be free to teach church teaching on marriage or will they be forced to teach a more politically correct curriculum? One of these vices is lust, and some Sikhs believe that homosexual thoughts and behaviour are just manifestations of lust. I am one of those Australians who will be pleased when same-sex marriages are recognised by Australian law but with adequate protection for religious freedoms. The discourse on homosexuality in Islam is primarily concerned with activities between men. True love is attained through the Guru and no man speaks on behalf of the Guru as the Granth is open to interpretation and misrepresentation. Helminiak , [37] the Bible may be interpreted literally or within historical-cultural context. With time one can only hope the majority of liberal believers are able to enact some positive change in this organisation. As the Catholic Church officially remains silent on a LGBT inclusion and b on the promulgation of hate speech in its name, it demonstrates an institutional apathy. Their religious freedom to adequately pastor their LGBT congregants is currently constrained. In , the federal government considered legislating a Charter of Rights. What protections will be offered to people who work for church-run institutions such as schools, hospitals and universities? I can see that opponents of same-sex marriage might want to insist on this, and that supporters of same-sex marriage might regard this as a time delaying tactic. Religious organisations will remain free to refuse same-sex marriage if it is eventually introduced. Some Sikhs believe that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the complete guide to life, and if a marriage between two of the same sexes is not mentioned, it is therefore not right. Close Republish this article We believe in the free flow of information. The implied constitutional protection of political communication would make it difficult for parliament to outlaw criticisms of the changes to the Marriage Act even if it wanted to. All republished articles must be attributed in the following way and contain links to both the site and original article: Supporting marriage rights for gays and lesbians reflects their Christ-like commitment to the equality and dignity of all people.

Religious view on same sex marriage

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