Riffe lake kokanee

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Go to the entry gate and pay the parking fee if applicable for that time of the year. I was there in mid April , just before the pool was at total height. Even at a pool height of ' you might want to walk the ramp before launching to locate possible debris and or mud as shown in the above RH photo. However if you ask Tacoma Power biologists, they say there are no Kokanee there, however this is a little beyond their interests as Riffe Lake seems to be "No Mans Land", kind of between two other dams and the fish population not really looked at that much.

Riffe lake kokanee

You need not go thru the registration office area to get there. At a lower lake height when the lake is drawn down, you might want to walk this old road before launching to locate possible debris and or mud. He trolls with about 30' of line out. The picture below it is looking across the lake toward Taidnapam Park on the left hand point. The pond also has largemouth bass, channel catfish, bullhead catfish, yellow perch and crappie. When full at a pool height of ' it has 11, surface acres of water. At a lower lake height when the lake is drawn down, you might want to walk this old road before launching to locate possible debris and or mud. Do not expect to be on the lake, you will however be overlooking it and close to Swofford Pond. This launch area has ample striped individual paved parking, restrooms, picnic tables, a fish cleaning station and very nice toilet facilities. And there has been some of the planted catfish from nearby Swafford Pond take up residency here also. What worked yesterday may well not work today. It has a floating dock of about ft. So don't be lulled into thinking the lake will be at full pool height when you read their web that it is at ' of ', where the old pool maximum height was ', as now they are maintaining summer height 30' lower than it was originally. The distance to the launch at full lake height, is only about '. And those large lofty birds that depart from Dog Mountain, which are known as hang gliders can be seen if the weather cooperates. The The Mossyrock Park is located at the lower end of the lake is run by Tacoma Power that has slightly over family RV campsites, with many more individual tent sites. It is a LONG launch, with pull-outs stationed at intervals to facilitate turn-arounds at different pool heights instead of making boaters back a LONG distance at low water. It seems that the bass like it when the water is raising as they move up on the freshly inundated shallow shoreline searching for food. If you cull and throw the small ones back when using bait, the ones thrown back count against your limit. No vehicle traffic allowed, but just upriver from this bridge is a logging bridge which is open to the public traffic. You may even catch a landlocked Chinook in the mixed bag. When the pool height gets low in the winter, the steel gates are closed and locked on the road leading into this launch, as the small creek that is left in the channel is about non-existent below this ramp at this time. If the wind is enough as to hinder trolling, you can simply shut it down then drift with the wind, letting your lure either down to the depth you suspect them to be or attach a bobber, let it float with you and the wind. Turn left onto State Street, and continue past the business district and out of town where State Street becomes Mossyrock Road East and then farther out yet it becomes Ajlune Road. This snubber is then pierced a few times on the rear, then injected with a scent.

Riffe lake kokanee

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  1. This campground was there before the lake was created, it also offers an experience more akin to camping rather than a small city on a lawn.

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