Safe sex teaching units in powerpoint

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Teacher professional learning and classroom resources are included. You may also wish to have alternate assignments prepared or inform students that the activity is optional, in order to meet the needs of your students. Daisy Powerpoint Presentation pptx - 7. Teachers' Network pdf -

Safe sex teaching units in powerpoint

Teacher professional learning and classroom resources are included. For more information about trauma-informed practice, see the Alberta Education resources. For most people, using gender-neutral language is a huge shift and will take some time to get used to. An addition to Catching on Early for primary school students and the Catching on For Years 9 and 10, this resource includes a set of evidence-based learning activities around key topics for adolescents such as body image, sexual health and relationships. The list was current at time of publication. Sexual health education occurs most effectively in a classroom where there is a mutual feeling of trust, safety and comfort. For example, when speaking to or about a student who identifies as a girl, using the terms she, her, and girl are perfectly acceptable. For example, students learning about private and public space can tour the school to identify which areas are private and public and the types of behaviours and activities that are appropriate in these spaces. Many of the activities can also be modified for use with students in Years 7 and 8. All those present should be given an opportunity to express their views. Kaleidoscope manual - lesson plan. Daisy Powerpoint Presentation pptx - 7. Research evidence that underpins age-appropriate learning and teaching in sexuality education and human development is available from: All of the lesson plans available to use in this section can be adapted to the needs of individual students and groups. Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority - This website provides independent information on fertility and issues related to assisted reproductive treatment. It can be adapted for students who do not read or write by using a teacher or teaching assistant as a scribe. The goal is to expand who feels included when using language and talking to or about groups of people. As such, hosting a parent meeting can also assist in the development of a working partnership between parents, the local community and the school. Homework assignments and grading Some of the lesson plans contain assignments that can be collected and graded. Teachers should also assess the learning needs of their students as appropriate. Differing abilities lesson plans Students with physical and developmental disabilities experience the physical, social and emotional changes associated with developing into a healthy adult. For example, if a student is being abused by a parent, homework discussing the types of abuse and what to do if a friend is being abused may in fact be dangerous for a student to complete. Answer keys are provided in the lesson plans for all worksheets. If you are assigning grades for student work, remember that students whose parents have opted-out of sexual health education must not be penalized for not participating. The materials are similar to those included in Catching On for Years 9 and 10 The Evaluation Overview for each grade identifies assignments that are more appropriate for grading.

Safe sex teaching units in powerpoint

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  1. Trauma-informed practice Some students may have had traumatic experiences and these experiences can impact their learning, behaviour and relationships at school.

  2. All of the diagrams and slides are grouped together in one PowerPoint file per grade. Sexual health education occurs most effectively in a classroom where there is a mutual feeling of trust, safety and comfort.

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