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To view, read, post or perform another action you may need special permissions. Ranks, which appear below your username, indicate the number of posts you have made or identify certain users, e. If you are sure you have set the timezone correctly and the time is still incorrect, then the time stored on the server clock is incorrect.

Search blendr

Blendr lets users search their local area for other users that have similar tastes and might make for a good match. If you do so, you can still prevent a signature being added to individual posts by un-checking the add signature box within the posting form. Commencing in , Blendr now boasts millions of users around the world and has taken Australia by storm. Suki Dhanda for the Guardian Grindr , the location-based mobile dating app hugely popular among gay men, has launched a new version for straight people. You may also remove users from your list using the same page. Top Why did I receive a warning? Top Why do some usergroups appear in a different colour? Top Where are the usergroups and how do I join one? They have the authority to edit or delete posts and lock, unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forum they moderate. If you feel you need to add more options to your poll than the allowed amount, contact the board administrator. First, ensure your username and password are correct. Receive weekly reviews on the top technologies and products for life—delivered right to your email inbox. If you are receiving abusive private messages from a particular user, report the messages to the moderators; they have the power to prevent a user from sending private messages. If you are interested in creating a usergroup, your first point of contact should be an administrator; try sending a private message. This page provides you with a list of board staff, including board administrators and moderators and other details such as the forums they moderate. Each board administrator can allow or disallow certain attachment types. Top What are announcements? Top Can I post images? Top What are the images next to my username? London, Paris, New York, Sydney, etc. Top What are Moderators? Either the administrator has not installed your language or nobody has translated this board into your language. It only takes a few moments to register so it is recommended you do so. If this has happened, try registering again and being more involved in discussions. Please note that changing the timezone, like most settings, can only be done by registered users.

Search blendr

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  1. Also, many boards periodically remove users who have not posted for a long time to reduce the size of the database. However, an interesting, unique feature available in Blendr is a private photo section—so if you end up intimately connecting with a fellow user, you now have a safe space to share your more revealing photos.

  2. Top The times are not correct! If you're looking for someone to practice your German with, you can find other German speakers and have a chat right here, right now.

  3. It is similar to Grindr in that it's a community based on interests. Now everyone can try it.

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