Sex and gender influence on sports

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Not only did this conference provide a space for scholars from a variety of countries to discuss their common interests, but several presentations also engaged feminist concerns, themes and theoretical frameworks Birrell The growing commercialization and objectification of the elite male sporting body raises additional concerns about whether the concept of hegemonic masculinity is still analytically useful for understanding these contexts Miller The term also travels unevenly across disciplines and geographic spaces. Researching Women, Gender and Sport Populations Studied The two most common populations that were studied consisted of high school students and college students. Although Foucauldian and queer sensibilities have offered new ways for scholars to conceive of gender and sport, some critics have not embrace their central tenants fearful that such an embrace negates the importance of investigating material conditions.

Sex and gender influence on sports

Thus they may implicitly legitimize American White heterosexual men and women as the norm, marginalize differences within those groups and make other groups invisible as well. Sociology of Sport Journal. Also needed are more robust investigations that acknowledge the ways gender interacts with such forces as those that produce disability, ethnicity, nationality and age. We expect to see men dominate women, and we are uncomfortable with bigger, stronger women who take active, dominant roles expected of athletes. Implications for identity development. For example, some overweight and self-described fat marathon runners articulated a critical awareness of the disciplining imperative of lean running bodies. We used this inventory to reflect on the contents of Sex Roles with respect to the topic of women, gender and sport. Questions as to whose interests are embedded in such norms are usually ignored Connell Feminism and sporting bodies: The term also travels unevenly across disciplines and geographic spaces. Both girls and boys can participate in figure skating or ice hockey. With whom do we compare our bodies? This means that gymnasts distance themselves from any association with fatness and frailty thus producing skilled performances as well as culturally idealized feminine bodies: Body use and reference group impact: We then explore ideas inspired by feminist theorizing that have dominated and guided related research in other outlets over this time period but have received relatively little attention in papers published in Sex Roles. Scholars are increasingly addressing these omissions by focusing on the impact of ideologies of race, gender, class and sexuality among other relations on the experiences of Black female college athletes in the US Corbett and Johnson ; discourses of the WNBA Banet-Weiser ; football soccer in Britain Scraton et al. Exercise and Sport Science Reviews. The focus on homophobia and sport has received considerable attention in North American and British scholarship perhaps reflecting the particular role homophobia may play in these sporting contexts. The interaction of attractiveness and expertise. They found that those holding more traditional beliefs e. Claringbould I, Knoppers A. Yet the number of studies using college students only suggests a class bias. We now examine this content in greater detail by critically exploring who and what was studied and how gender was theorized. These scholars conceptualized gender at three levels: Being masculine is not about who you sleep with

Sex and gender influence on sports

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  1. Sports photographs and sexual difference: Other research published in Sex Roles focused on gender and sport at the institutional level.

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