Sex and the city sightseeing

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While we do offer a special German version of the tour on Saturdays at 3pm please see Sex and the City Tour auf Deutsch on the calendar , the other scheduled SATC tours are only conducted in English at this time. So even though the tour does not visit such New York sightseeing regulars as the Empire State Building, etc. Is there an age limit on this tour? Is there assigned seating on the bus?

Sex and the city sightseeing

The wheelchair lifts can accommodate up to approximately pounds total. This voucher will serve as your pass to join the tour. If you have a number of people in your party that want to sit together, you should make sure to arrive minutes early. Notice of the need for an accessible vehicle at least 24 hours in advance is strongly recommended so as to guarantee the timely provision of an accessible vehicle. Is there a bathroom on the bus? There will be a minute break wherein you can browse the boutiques on Bleecker Street and afterwards there will be a walk around Greenwich Village, where the exterior shots of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment building were taken. Are the buses handicapped accessible? After you add your tickets to your cart, continue the Bundle it! While the tour's focus is first and foremost on the show Sex and the City, the tour meanders through a variety of New York neighborhoods, and people often find it to be a great overview of the city. Please also keep in mind that a couple of the stops on tour - a few bars and other establishments - do have their own age minimums, and it is up to the discretion of these establishments whom to allow in. The tour includes a mix of on-the-bus viewings of locations and stops to get off the bus to explore, all woven into the Sex and the City story by your tour guide. The tour is guided by a locally based New York actress who has the passion and experience to deliver an fun and unforgettable time. The Vitra store on 9th Avenue, which is a manufacturer of contemporary and classic furniture for homes and offices is made to look like a trendy wine bar. Select your ticket type s Helpful ticket usage instructions are listed below. Whenever you leave the bus, it is with the tour guide. Is there ever a circumstance when a location is omitted from the tour? Randall on his trip. Big make a rather arbitrary decision to get married. There are usually scheduled stops on each tour, including various bars, shops, and other locations - but tour routes may differ from tour to tour. The exact itinerary and route of the tour varies somewhat from tour to tour, so we can't say ahead of time exactly which locations will be visited on a specific tour. Guests that arrive late or right at the starting time are much more likely to have to split up their group. What exact locations do we visit? Yes, but you need to contact On Location Tours directly before booking your tickets to arrange a wheelchair accessible bus, if needed. The Sex and the City Tour is conducted on a coach bus, so limited storage space is available. But we get off the bus at a number of locations along the way, giving you the opportunity to experience the locations and take pictures.

Sex and the city sightseeing

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  1. While photography and filming are not allowed on the bus portion of the tour, there are some great spots for taking photos and video at our numerous stops along the way.

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