Sex and the city tour in new york

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New Yorkers love Tiffany for its silver as well as for its sparklers. Downtown Staten Island Ferry. Out on the dusty street, yellow cabs roar past tall, cast-iron house fronts and two Manhattanites strut by in unfeasibly high heels. Charlotte and Trey do some serious ring-shopping at this classic jeweler.

Sex and the city tour in new york

On Location Tours 00 1 , www. On nearby Bleecker Street, we peer into the exclusive shop windows and I buy ludicrously impractical patent leather platforms. Then she became the stylist for SATC and her name ricocheted around the world. Stephanie proves as quick-witted as the SATC heroines, swearing wildly and poking fun at the men on board. I have an odd moment where I find myself looking at a complicated chair contraption with my mother, trying to guess what it does. Pier 40, on West Street Buddakan. Yet it is that very American and explicit show that has drawn at least half of the 50 tourists to this tour of Manhattan the other half comprises reluctant-looking boyfriends and a few slightly shifty-looking lone men. Miranda and Steve get married in this unassuming community park. Set right on Central Park Lake, the Boathouse is a romantic place for brunch or dinner; an authentic Venetian gondola sometimes glides by. Next is the Magnolia Bakery, where, like Carrie, we scoff cupcakes smothered in baby-pink frosting. Carrie hits this legendary discount department store while serving jury duty. Park Drive North, near E. Carrie takes a flying leap for an assignment and realizes the value of a safety net. What did Charlotte do with the rabbit? Greenwich Avenue between Sixth Avenue and W. Monkey Bar was also featured on an episode of Mad Men. This was one of the first New York restaurants to do Tuscan food in a sophisticated setting, and celebs rely on it for its discretion. Carrie celebrates her 35th birthday here— alone. For 10 minutes we file, agape, through the shop, a few brave souls giggling and holding up large, quivering items from the display cases. Downtown Staten Island Ferry. Big, is a regular. Samantha tries to get to know a priest in the Biblical sense at this house of worship. We traipse past her fictional home in silence; so many tourists now flock to the leafy street of redbricks that strict rules are in force , where Carrie had countless goodnight kisses and stoop-side flirtations. Carrie has a memorable first date with the mysterious artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at this classic Russian restaurant. At this branch of TSNY, students swing over the Hudson River— and locals love watching them from a waterfront promenade.

Sex and the city tour in new york

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  1. For 10 minutes we file, agape, through the shop, a few brave souls giggling and holding up large, quivering items from the display cases.

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