Sex on the high seas

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Because of complex jurisdictional rules governing cruise line activities, in some cases passengers may not have the same legal protections on cruise vessels as they do in the United States. I look at the implications of differences between the Act, as initially introduced, and the final Act that was passed. I did not entirely believe her at the time, but I felt like the industry needed a fair chance to correct their course. This conduct should make us all very angry.

Sex on the high seas

But, how is this right fulfilled when a ship is dead in the water for 3 or 4 days, and being towed to port? Further, she stated that the FBI was not able to access the crime scene for several days. When a crime occurs on a cruise vessel, it can be an entirely different story for the victim. Additionally, the Coast Guard must make these crime statistics publicly available online. And you might wonder how any security personnel hired by the cruise line will react if presented with any situation that might give rise to a potential conflict of interest between their employer and yourself. In alone, the media has reported these problems with cruise ships: It has now been 16 months since that hearing, and I have not seen much evidence that things have changed. My written testimony also provides systematic analysis of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of Coming up with a list of rights is easy. The original intent was that the Act would make available all reported crimes on cruise ships. The FBI views these crime statistics as an important and helpful tool. Contracts also may include restrictions on the location of where an aggrieved passenger can file a lawsuit—typically requiring actions to be brought in Florida, where the major cruise lines are based. I doubt that crew members were not properly trained, but what assurances does a CLIA Passenger Bill of Rights provide that training will be reflected in behavior, and what recourse does a passenger have when this, or any right, is not realized? Analysis of Cruise Crime Statistics. Since passage of the CVSSA, the total number of alleged crimes cruise lines reported to the FBI—including both incidents reported voluntarily and those required to be reported to the FBI by cruise lines—is 30 times higher than the number of alleged crimes reported publicly. They have a major presence in Florida. Take as just one example the fact that, for a month period, the FBI reports a single case of sexual assault on Norwegian Cruise Line, but, in the legal case, in discovery, they disclosed that there were 23 sexual assaults for that same time period. This analysis points to the need for better consumer protection of cruise passengers, much like the protections that are available to passengers on other modes of commercial transportation, including air carriers. This requirement covers a broader range of crimes than those required to be reported to the FBI. Further, cruise contracts often require mandatory arbitration or limit class action lawsuits. Toward that end, the law requires cruise lines to report a specific set of crimes to the FBI that 1 occur on a vessel owned by a U. The public can use information regarding the occurrence of crimes to make more informed decisions about their travel and actions. A systematic evaluation reveals that, while many of the promises, on their face, are reassuring to cruise passengers, a deeper look indicates the Passenger Bill of Rights is filled with empty promises. Under current law, cruise ship crime report data is not available to the public. Consumers have the right to know what we have learned before they book their first or next dream vacation. The CVSSA also requires cruise lines to keep logs of all complaints of crimes committed on any voyage that embarks or disembarks passengers in the United States. What cruise passenger would not be reassured by this?

Sex on the high seas

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