Sex positions for quickies

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Getting Cosy Sit on your partner's lap and place your legs over the chair arms. Wake your partner up with the sensation of your mouth between their legs. As he enters you, ask him to increase his pace with each thrust, and maintain eye contact the entire time. If you want to read similar articles to The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie, we recommend you visit our Sentimental relationships category. Now spread your legs and put them on either side of your partner's shoulders.

Sex positions for quickies

Getting Cosy Sit on your partner's lap and place your legs over the chair arms. Up, Up, and Away Lie on your bed with a pillow under your head and your legs in the air. Also, he can grab your breasts and kiss you while having an amazing time. No acrobatics and plenty of fun! For women, you should lather up a part of your body your man is particularly into. If you'd like to read similar articles to The best sexual positions for a quickie, we recommend you browse around our Sentimental relationships category. Spice things up with a strap-on. You haven't got much time, so why not have a quickie? Facing away from your partner will increase the pleasure because he or she can easily access your clit and nipples by reaching around, while you move up and down. The first of our quickie positions involves sex sitting down. Spoon Up The Pleasure This is for when you are feeling lazy, but also horny. Standing quickie positions There's nothing sexier than a guy who puts his partner against the wall in a fit of passion. Ask him to guide your hips with his hands. In the moment you think the obvious: This position helps your partner have an amazing time because they can adjust the pace in this position. Intimate straddling Swimming pools or the beach have something about them that is really difficult to put your finger on, but that really turn us on. That really does spell urgent, absolutely-must-do-it-right-now passion. And if some food enters the equation, so much the better. The Rock 'n' Roll Lie down on a smooth and soft surface and prop yourself on your elbows. Wake your partner up with the sensation of your mouth between their legs. X-Marks The Spot Lie back on your bed and put a pillow under your head for support. As his penis plunges into your vagina, synchronise your movement with each thrust. It also allows the man to reach the woman's g-spot. A party even better. This position not only allows their tongue to have access to your clitoris, but they can also play with your breasts and nipples in this position, ensuring a lot of steamy action for both of you. Get in the spooning position while both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction.

Sex positions for quickies

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  1. This position is perfect for the woman to lean on the toilet or sink, but be careful not to break anything!

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