Sex positons for the g spot

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The women needs to lie on her back, raise her legs in the air and use her hands to pull her legs toward herself. This makes reaching it with your penis difficult. While the clitoral is a lot easier to achieve for most women, the vaginal, or G-spot orgasm is the elusive O we are always trying to reach. In fact, according to a study, only about 18 percent of women achieve orgasm through penetration alone — meaning no hands, mouth, or toys needed. Try positions that allow you a little more control over your movements so you can figure out what types of stimulation you enjoy most.

Sex positons for the g spot

Yet, there are some steps you can take to heighten both of your chances of giving her a G-spot orgasm and along with steps, there are four specific positions that are most likely to tip her over the edge. The actual location of this area differs from woman to woman, which is why it may be so difficult to find. The Jockey A variation of doggy, in this position, the woman lies on her stomach with her bottom raised. Have your partner lie at the edge of the bed with her butt as close to the end as possible. After all, everyone deserves to have great sex. The women needs to lie on her back, raise her legs in the air and use her hands to pull her legs toward herself. Doggy style is super hot. Finding what works for you can take time, so be patient. Exploring your body and your sexual preferences is a great step in making sure you have a happy, safe, and pleasurable sex life. As you begin to explore your body , do what feels best to you. Talk about a game changer. Some believe that the G spot may be the key to women achieving orgasm during penetration. Have her spread her knees so she has access to her clitoris. Enter her at a perpendicular angle. This position allows you complete control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration so you can focus on finding your G spot. Lie under her on your side. To amplify the position further, have her use her favorite wand vibrator for a double ride. You can add a pillow under her hips if she has any lower back pain. You can either put her legs around your waist or over your shoulders, whichever is more comfortable. The man will be on his knees and lean over her so she can rest her ankles on his shoulders, which will allow for extra deep penetration. Like other erogenous zones , preferences can vary from person to person. Remember that masturbation is completely normal and it can be a healthy part of any relationship. Most people think of the G-spot as an individual organ. However, for many women, orgasms — especially those achieved through penetration — can be just as elusive as the mysterious G spot. She believed that this region could be the key to women achieving orgasm during sex.

Sex positons for the g spot

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