Sex scene like in the astronauts wife

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We give the film just a 3 out of R For violence, language and a strong scene of sexuality. That's the old "cat and mouse" plot.

Sex scene like in the astronauts wife

But conspiracy nuts— er, I mean, theorists, are too clever to be taken in by this simple ruse. Sorry, I got carried away but this movie truly was an uncredited remake of Rosemary's Baby. And then there are all those monster baby films of the s and '70s: She worries that her husband has changed, because he quits the service after his little accident in space to take an job with an aerospace company building — gasp! Oooh, Rosemary's Baby in space! Although it's not extremely irritating or painfully bad despite a few cringe-inducing bits of dialogue , the film is too predictable, slow and not involving enough to come anywhere close to earning a recommendation which must have been New Line's reaction since they opted not to screen it in advance for the critics. Once we get to New York, we find ourselves in familiar Devil's Advocate territory that film where hotshot young lawyer Keanu Reeves goes to work for the devil, Al Pacino, much to the distress of his wife. An astronaut's wife becomes suspicious of her husband and her ensuing pregnancy after he returns from a space mission, during which he blacked out for two minutes, and begins acting differently. Not a spoiler by the way - it's written on the back of the DVD box. Beyond other related material extreme suspenseful music , a few, mildly bloody scenes and a moderate amount of drinking with one character stating she's drunk , the rest of the film is relatively void of major objectionable content. What "The Astronaut's Wife" needed to lift it above the ordinary, however, is another layer of meaning. Imagine, a pilot helping build a new plane. A woman has wine with lunch with Jillian. The way that Reese seems to be acting somewhat crazy around Jillian may be unsettling to some viewers. People have drinks at a reception where Spencer has a cocktail while Jillian has champagne. While I assume that most of that was Ravich's goal -- and to his credit he does try to accomplish some of that -- the end result is a thriller that just isn't that thrilling. And although it sets up the makings for a sequel, don't hold your breath waiting to see "Twin Sons of An Astronaut's Wife" anytime soon. In summation, this was basically a boring, overlong movie with nothing original to say whatsoever. As always, however, should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to take a closer look at the listed content. We see some beer in Jillian's fridge. Spencer is an alien. Yet this film has stripped so many of its elements -- the New York couple, the friend's suicide, the pregnant woman's growing paranoia, and, of course, the husband impregnating the wife with anything but a bundle of joy -- that no matter how many weeds have been pulled and how much fresh paint has been applied, we can still see the original, creepy structure underneath. For instance, the fact that the similarly plotted "Rosemary's Baby" is three decades old means it was ripe for the picking. You can tell Depp is supposed to be an astronaut because he speaks with a Texas accent and his hair is dyed blond. Although the men were safely rescued and returned to Earth, both Jillian and Natalie become suspicious that neither of their husbands will talk about the incident. He starts to act differently now, but the only person who notices is his wife.

Sex scene like in the astronauts wife

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  1. He is rescued and he comes home. After becoming pregnant and increasingly suspicious, she makes various attempts including nearly taking some abortion-inducing pills to remedy the situation.

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