Sexy things to do while making out

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Use your tongue Go all in with that smooch girl, kiss him like your life depends on it and let your tongue make it a passionate affair! You can stop kissing at the base of the collarbone, or just keep going If you're putting on thick or scented lip gloss, do it at least an hour or two before you plan to make out. This may make him think that you're ready for something more. Many of us have had bad French kiss experiences that we try so hard to repress from memory.

Sexy things to do while making out

Don't be afraid to smile afterwards and show him that you enjoyed the make-out session. Think of it as being classy and gentle and slowly increasing the intimacy rather than moving too quickly. You want to make eye contact and give him a small smile, to show him you mean business. Maintain eye contact as you pull him closer to you -- along with control. Use your tongue Go all in with that smooch girl, kiss him like your life depends on it and let your tongue make it a passionate affair! No stress, nowhere to go, and ready to hook up. Part 2 Turning Up the Heat 1 Explore his body. Run your hands through your boyfriend's hair, gently caress his strands, and continue to play with his hair as you're kissing or when you're taking breaks. You should both also be feeling comfortable. Fuel your fantasies by making out in the library book stacks or in a quiet hallway. If you can master biting just enough to leave a sensation, then your boyfriend will go wild if you can really nibble on his ears and neck. Don't give it up too easily. Be playful, but bring him closer to you. Myntra End of Reason Sale is on from June 24th to 26th. Not every guy likes this move, so don't be discouraged if it turns out that this doesn't work for your man. Just remember — be very gentle! Be mindful when it comes to tongue This is an important one, ladies. Remember to bite him very gently at first, and then gradually bite a little harder -- nothing will kill the mood faster than making your man bleed from the lip. Cup his face When you touch his face - cup his chin or jawline - gently while kissing him, it only makes your actions seem more intimate and heartfelt. At first, move just the tip of your tongue into his mouth, until you've both moved your tongues into each other's mouths and are gently moving them in a circular motion, or with one on top of the other. Just don't lay on the gloss too thick or he'll taste it when he's kissing you. Another great way to build intimacy is to put your hand on his face, touch his leg, or put your forehead against his to get the connection between you growing. Whatever you're doing, just remember to mix it up from time to time. Published on Jun 24, 69 Likes. It was funny, but not so sexy.

Sexy things to do while making out

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  1. If you and your boyfriend are really comfortable with each other, then don't be afraid to suck on his finger while you lock eyes, just for a second or two.

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