Sleep is the new sex

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When such changes happen, our bodies relax, and this encourages a pleasant transition towards sleeping. Low testosterone in turn can lead to lower libido or inability to get an erection. This project aims to change the way we think about sleep as well as the way we practice it.

Sleep is the new sex

Keep in mind that they have a stronger influence on men than on women, although the conclusion is valid for both sexes: My interdisciplinary research aims to theorize sleep in contexts where the lived experience of sleeping and waking comes together with the historical and social constitution of sleep; that is, it conjoins phenomenological and genealogical analysis. Also, sex helps reduce the production of cortisol, which plays a vital role in how stressed we feel. Research on men with sleep apnea has found that many, if not most, of them also experience erectile dysfunction ED. Research backs it up. Orgasms Having an orgasm helps the body produce all those beneficial hormones meant to induce relaxation. If you're not sleeping well because of stress or lack of proper resting conditions, you'll be tired, grumpy and irritable and your sex drive is going to be way down. Usually, men feel tired and ready to sleep immediately after sex, while women still feel full of energy. Sex is also a great stress reliever. As the body receives this signal, another hormone called melatonin starts doing its job which is to initiate the sleep cycle. My work will also include one primary research component to fill a gap in existing empirical literature: Besides all the feel-good hormones coursing through their bodies, men also get a surge of a hormone called prolactin after they ejaculate. Hormonal changes Sex is responsible for increasing the level of oxytocin in our body. By James Randowski January 08 1: The male body releases prolactin, a biochemical directly responsible for the fatigue sensation. How are the two linked? A study of healthy premenopausal women found that sexual stimulation boosted estrogen levels, while another linked higher estrogen levels with enhanced sleep amount and continuity. Can Sex Help You Sleep? Another study of college-age women found that women who slept longer at night were more likely to have sex the next day. And hopefully the new, sexually satisfied you will sleep better at night, too. By this I mean two things: If you have a comfortable bed, with the right mattress for sex, your body will feel so relaxed and happy; it's no wonder you'll slip into the dreams' world in no time. They will address contemporary representations of women and men sleeping; sleep disordered patients and sleep medicine; and advice to parents on children's sleep. Then you just need to do it. There are a few scientifically documented reasons, and I thought it would be useful to take a quick look at the most important ones.

Sleep is the new sex

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