Smart answers to insults

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Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down. Getty Images Though it may be tempting to respond in kind, positive comments are a far better tool for keeping projects on track while showing your love of linguistic acrobatics. Sometimes I wonder if your butt is jealous of all the crap that comes out of your mouth. The key to coming up with a winning retort is to hone your listening skills so that you can respond at lightning speed.

Smart answers to insults

Good news — they found your head. Click this link to send us your best comeback. View image of Credit: Must have been a long and lonely journey. At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs. Pay no heed to it. I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I cant stick my head that far up my ass. Think you can do better than Churchill? There is no magic bullet to getting better at listening besides practice," she said. You're a pain in the neck. Sometimes I wonder if your butt is jealous of all the crap that comes out of your mouth. If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world. Your face must be curing the world. Your place or mine? By then, it's too late. But all I can see is never in yours. He wants his social skills back I like you, you remind me of how it feels after I drop a huge deuce in the toilet Someone got up on the wrong side of the cage this morning You should do some soul-searching. So, wanna go back to my place? By Rhea Wessel 8 April Have you ever worked with someone who was so insecure, overwhelmed or fearful, that he or she constantly spewed negative smart-aleck remarks, off-colour comebacks or thinly veiled insults? They forgot to mention morons. Would you like to dance? Paul suggests the "status move," which is best conveyed in tone of voice. When a negative comment is made in a work setting — where, presumably, everyone wants to see projects succeed and keep their jobs — those comments usually come from a place of insecurity, Raffy said. SocialMettle Staff Last Updated: My mother is more of a man then you.. You're spreading rumors about me?

Smart answers to insults

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  1. I told him not to act like a fool. Well, I don't know, will two people fit under a rock?

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