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Here is the good news about terrorist organisations. Talking of the Intifadas means returning to a consideration of terrorism. Showing that, where terrorism is concerned, only disavowing it pays, would catalyse the process to that outcome. It has been sorely desired this last half century.


Were they to drop their anti-Semitism, they would receive a cornucopia of beneficence from an Israel that has sought to rid itself of the Tar-Baby for fifty years. The terrorism now being endured in the UK is on a continuum starting in Israel, passing through Europe and now erupting in the UK. Showing that, where terrorism is concerned, only disavowing it pays, would catalyse the process to that outcome. Of course, the Palestinian leadership wants us to find this enervating but, if we did not weaken in the face of the several Intifadas, we are unlikely to give up the fight over the Pre-Occupation. We have better things to do with our energies and our angst. There is, however, a briar patch on hand. What the Palestinian leadership should have been told at the outset was that Israel is a democratic country and the money-supply would cease unless terror were abandoned. We wear the cape of civilisation But our souls live in the stone age. All the peoples of this world, whether in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ramallah, Hebron or, as tourists, crossing London Bridge, are entitled to safety, peace, the freedom to exploit their own talents, self-respect and the respect of others. No recognition of Israel. Here is another Arab poet, this time with a stark commentary on the Arab condition: Not the most constructive of terms but, one has to admit, what it lacks in self-interest, it makes up in consistency. Talking of the Intifadas means returning to a consideration of terrorism. That is the condition of being pre-occupied. The Palestinians on the other hand are continuously force-fed nonsense by ruthless gangsters, determined to abase or Abbas their own people for their own personal aggrandisement. That leadership has pursued a policy of brutalising its own people, even as they have seen the Israelis create a dynamic and, in many respects, world-leading economy, under the rule of law, with full democracy and an utterly unrestrained press. The Palestinian people deserved better than their leaders have forced them to endure — deserved what the Israelis enjoy — but Western policy helped to deprive them of it. Do the detractors of Israel think that we continue to rule over Judea and Samaria because we enjoy the subjugation of another people, who feel enmity by reason of our very presence. A new beginning for the Palestinian people, with the equivalent of a Marshall Plan and affordable access to Israeli technology, would be a fitting and instructive reward for abjuring the terrorism that starts with the rearing of their children. Stay with this for there is more than one lesson in it. A belated intimation to the Palestinian leadership that no more violence will be tolerated or the philanthropy will cease, would be the second step to changing the narrative. Continue as before and they will be well and truly stuck with one of their own. Indeed, few terrorists achieve their political ends by the continuation of their terror campaigns. It has been sorely desired this last half century. But being dhimmis no longer, we are not prepared to leave a vacuum in Judaea and Samaria — not least because we tried that twice with Southern Lebanon and Gaza, and got rockets in return for our selflessness.


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