Tantric sex for gay men

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What is the goal of Tantra? Tantric sex requires preparation of your space dim light and preparation of yourself open heart and mind. People get excited about tantric sex because they think this a new way of fucking, a new way of having multiple orgasms.

Tantric sex for gay men

However, as scholar and teacher Bruce Anderson makes clear in this first guide for gay men to the art of tantra, it is actually a rigorous practice that harnesses sexual energy as fuel for spiritual development. Before we can dissect Gay Tantra, we need a basic understanding of tantra. Tantra began as a deliberately transgressive art form. Without knowing a lot of details, tantric sex sounds like a fulfilling way to connect with another person. So he was doing the breathing technique for women and he was flying just as far and as fast as any women in the room. Is the practice of tantra applicable to gay life? When Shakti and Shiva had sexual intercourse it gave birth to the world. International coach and trainer Armin Heining has all the answers. Bruce Anderson's astute and unaffected approach to both the technical and spiritual elements of tantra will allow gay men to enhance the power of their lovemaking and the strength of their orgasms to reach a state of cosmic bliss. From positioning to breathings, you and your partner engage in building your sexual energy. That apprehension is normal. You have no idea what to expect. It's about a set of techniques that are taking you to a deeper understanding of the truth of who you really are, of enlightenment, of awareness, of consciousness, of all of those things; so for me that's what tantric sex is. I wonder why no one ever told me that before. People think that Tantra is sex and sex is Tantra, and tantric sex is all it is. How Do You Get Involved? It seems, this super straight approach to tantra comes from the misled belief that Shiva and Shakti literally represent man and woman. The next day we bumped into another lady from the course who was quite distressed. It does not instill or promote contradictions to the surrounding field. Strengthening abdominals, and erections. He frequently has students who come back for classes after years. It's also very pleasurable if you bring your genitals in, bring your cock in, or if you have different genitals they all feel pleasurable. Hope you've enjoyed this video and more from me soon, take care, bye bye. There are even gay tantra meetups happening in select cities around the world. Heining has led more than 5, of these workshops over the last quarter century. For me the purpose of Tantra is a pathway to enlightenment.

Tantric sex for gay men

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  1. Tantric sex is an ancient practice, so two decades is nothing compared to thousands of years. But part of you wonders what the experience will be like?

  2. And tantra does exist as beautifully open as that. Ask lots of questions before you book your space on a course:

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