Teen next step in sex

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National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Another possibility is to extend contact with adolescent clients through follow-up by phone or e-mail. While the resource investment needed for such skills training may appear to be beyond the normal scope of adolescent health and family planning programs, ignoring this component undermines the value of safer-sex education and counseling. For many adults, the issue is perfectly clear—teenagers should not bear children.

Teen next step in sex

Adolescents need to know about the risks for STIs associated with oral and anal sex, as well as how to protect themselves from these infections. Each of these translates into a set of questions to help guide research. An attempt to forge links between research on the antecedents of high-risk behaviors and risk reduction programs led us to recommend new criteria to guide that research. The programmatic implications yield the following eight broad recommendations. Warren CW et al. The data documenting the early onset of vaginal sex among black males and the relatively low levels of contraceptive and condom use among Hispanic teenagers suggest that current prevention models are ineffective at reducing these behaviors in nonwhite communities. Systematic research into this area should address the following: Programs that address sexual and reproductive health issues in disadvantaged communities tend to offer a vital but limited array of services. Genital Touching Touching private parts 8. Another possibility is to extend contact with adolescent clients through follow-up by phone or e-mail. Among adolescents who are sexually active, the most effective method of disease prevention is the male condom, which reinforces the need to include young men. Research is needed into the association between learning and related disabilities e. Teenagers hold a range of attitudes toward childbearing; while the more negative attitudes along that spectrum protect against early pregnancy, the more positive ones increase the risk of unprotected sex. Adolescent health professionals are faced with the dilemma of how to refine programmatic and research efforts to maintain the progress that has been made while reducing those risk behaviors that remain too prevalent. Sexual risk behaviors are also related to attitudes and behavioral skills. The three criteria usually used to identify antecedents of risk-taking and assess their importance are theory, precedence in the literature, and statistical significance and relative magnitude of the variable's effect. Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Childbearing, Vols. The primary goal of such research is not to expand theory or increase knowledge although it may well do so. The literature identifies four key sets of factors that have been associated with risky sexual behaviors and pregnancy: Open Mouth Kissing French kissing or kissing with tongue 5. Moore KA et al. The guiding question is how to best design and structure clinical programs that focus on young men and contribute to global pregnancy and disease prevention goals. However, this assumption misses the mark for youth who are unable to make autonomous decisions about whether and under what conditions to have sex. Insufficient Male Involvement The majority of adolescent pregnancy prevention programs have been designed for females, partly because women are the ones who get pregnant and because, except for condoms, all reversible contraceptive methods are female methods. For more than 30 years, researchers have studied the antecedents of teenagers' high-risk sexual behaviors, and service providers have designed programs to prevent those behaviors. Galavotti C et al. We recommend that the tractability and program relevance of antecedents be added to the list of criteria.

Teen next step in sex

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