The art of work audiobook

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Goins writes that we have to understand that there will be some work that we will not finish. I am going to be reading this book again when my print copy arrives and getting out the old school highlighter and writing in the margins. I found this section to be particularly interesting.

The art of work audiobook

If you enjoy audiobooks, Goins reads the audiobook edition as well, and does a good very job. He breaks the narratives to make a point and sometimes this is ok, but it makes some chapters too choppy. It's FULL of nuggets that you can use for conversations with others about determining what they want to do "when they grow up", even if they are 50 years old. This book offers the opportunity to change your thinking about work in a similar way Steven Pressfield did with creativity in "The War of Art". With so many choices, we struggle to figure out what we really want or where to start once we do. Goins writes that calling is a gift to be given away. Take those snippets or leave them. And gift work is any volunteer experience you might do, including giving your time to a local homeless shelter or even taking someone out to lunch to give them helpful career advice. In fact, epiphany is an evolutionary process; it happens in stages. This isn't a self- help book full of celebrity heroes on seemingly special journeys unavailable to the rest of us, it is full of everyday relatable people whose lives didn't turn out as they expected and what they discovered when they changed those expectations. We can distract ourselves with pleasure for only so long before beginning to wonder what the point is. The author tells us that after encountering hundreds of stories from people who found their calling, he identified seven common characteristics, each illustrated in one of the chapters. It is well-written, easy to read, interesting and practical. Your life, when lived well, becomes your calling. This isn't a self- help book full of celebrity heroes on seemingly special journeys unavailable to the rest of us, it is full of everyday relatable people whose lives didn't turn out as they Sometimes originality isn't in dreaming up something no one has ever thought of before, but in synthesizing many different pieces into a cohesive and inspiring whole. I find the weaknesses of the book to be in the narrative. A calling comes when we embrace the pain, not avoid it. Mere words will not suffice—you must act. Preparation, Action and Completion. Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life, I found this to be a very good, more secular introduction, directed to a mass audience, on this important subject. Clarity comes with action. However, I would apply what Goins writes as to say that our calling is the work that we were born to do. I will refer back to this book often to practice the principles and listen to my life. This is why I couldn't quite give it a perfect rating. The book encourages us to consider redefining the meaning of success and legacy.

The art of work audiobook

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