Tonga surf

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His fresh tuna mornay is awesome. Beach BBQ's are regular. Beginners Beginner surf spots are safest at around two hours either side of high tide and only on days of small swells up to I metre wave height. The Bowl This is a serious wave. A fine line between a great barrel and a closeout pasteing on the very shallow reef.

Tonga surf

Come and stay in our beach fales, snorkel, swim with whales and experience the ultimate kite surfing holiday. Short, intense and a perfect barrel when conditions come together. A popular spot with local groms. Reef - Variety - majority of waves are hollow Tonga enjoys world class surfing year round with two very distinct seasons. It rarely holds bigger than head-high and peels slowly around the reef into a defined channel. In winter its a very fickle wave and likes a strong clean south swell to really fire. East to South East tradewinds prevail during the summer months but winds can be variable during passing storms cyclone season. This spot needs a straight north swell to break well. Stay in one of our five private ocean front fales. Enjoy a relaxing tropical island holiday in Tonga at The Royal Sunset Island Resort either on the beach or by the pool. Resort boats are used to access off-shore surf spots. There are 4 rights and 1 left at Ha'atafu as well as a chain of off-shore reefs which fire during this period. The rest of the ride 30 metres is a mellow shoulder which is great for beginners up to shoulder high as it has an easy take-off, a soft-breaking sloping face and is also quite deep so its not dangerous at all. Very popular with learners and those who like mellow waves. The total number of guests at any one time is limited to 20, which ensures a relaxed uncrowded atmosphere prevails. Good to wear some rubber here especially at low tide. Any west in the swell and all the energy focuses to the end section ……. Steve was a chef in Australia and loves dabbling in the kitchen. Outside Lighthouse is a fast barrelling right with some super hollow sections. Take the opportunity to explore Tonga. Three large fales feature a porch, sleeping area with queen sized bed, bathroom with garden shower and a loft. A fine line between a great barrel and a closeout pasteing on the very shallow reef. Wave length is about 50 metres. We didn't find any surfing activities in Tongatapu. Winter is best for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Tonga surf

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