Trigger thumb pulley

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Locking may not occur with each motion. IV Fixed deformity Evaluation Trigger thumb is a clinical diagnosis based on history and physical exam. Early recognition is of utmost importance, as closed-space infection can cause tendon rupture limiting motion of the thumb. Open surgical treatment is the gold standard in patients that have failed other modes of treatment.

Trigger thumb pulley

These digital creases served as our transverse anatomic landmarks for the A1 pulley Fig. Varied anatomy of the thumb pulley system: The steroid reduces inflammation and allows the tendons to glide within the sheath freely. Understanding the anatomical configuration of the thumb pulley system will aid in the surgical attempt to resolve triggering while avoiding complications such as bowstringing of the flexor pollicis longus tendon and iatrogenic nerve injury. PMC ] [ PubMed: Only one crease corresponded to the IP joint, while in There are multiple described treatments for trigger thumb consisting of nonoperative and surgical modalities. Abstract Background Triggering of the thumb is a common entity resulting in pain and disability. Four different pulley categories were identified: We prefer the use of the palmar digital creases as previously described by Wilhelmi [ 10 ]. This study demonstrates the components and anatomical features of this pulley system in an effort to improve surgical outcomes and to clarify current misconceptions. In two hands, only one crease was over the MCP joint. Methods Thirteen fresh cadaveric thumbs were dissected while the volar digital creases of the thumb served as our potential anatomic landmarks for the A1 pulley. The average length of the thumb A1 pulley measured 0. Researchers procured 75 hand specimens from 41 adult cadavers through our institution's anatomical donations program. We identified three distinct palmar digital creases in our specimens corresponding to the interphalangeal IP and the MCP joints. J Hand Surg Am. Although a detailed description of longitudinal anatomic landmarks for the thumb A1 pulley has been reported [ 4 ], the transverse landmarks have not yet been described. Diabetic patients should be encouraged to monitor their blood sugar carefully as the steroid injection may adversely affect it. A previous attempt to describe landmarks for the A1 pulley relied on dorsal structures such as the dorsum of the metacarpophalangeal MCP joint [ 5 ]. The purpose of this study was to predict the location of the A1 pulley with surface anatomic landmarks while avoiding injury to the neurovascular bundles and the critical oblique pulley. Infectious tenosynovitis presents with severe pain, decreased range of motion, warmth, erythema, and tenderness to palpation over the flexor tendon sheath. J Hand Surg Eur Vol. Therefore, the distal edge of the A1 pulley is predicted to be located 0. J Hand Surg Am. A metacarpophalangeal joint sprain is commonly due to trauma. The patient should be advised to move their thumb as early as possible as this reduces the formation of scar tissue which could lead to a recurrence.

Trigger thumb pulley

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