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Although it's evident she's American, it is news to me that Paris is a German national. Who did the hacked cell phone incident affect? You don't need to be POV to point out that this wiki entry is treating Paris Hilton with greater respect as a "singer actress," as if she could do either, than she deserves. All you have to do to find sources is query "Paris Hilton herpes" within any of the reputable search engines.

Watch paris hilton sex vid free

Let's face it we both are; Paris is successfull, hailed by MTV and a lot of critics, and Japan or so I hear , on the other side she made a pornographic movie, bought her way up , parties more than Eugene Onegin and usses the word NIGGER on every black person she sees. It's not necessarily a reputable source, either: This can't be accurate I have noticed that she has been constantly in the limelight for the past seven years! Also, I have not removed everything that is "anti-Paris Hilton. The great majority would see Paris Hilton as a fine young lady who brings joy to others. There are other examples of well-disguised POV elsewhere in the article, but that South Park thing at the end really sticks out and should be easy to fix without much contention Spyke Please use this page to discuss the article, not to make personal attacks on other users. We can't just accept every story about someone without sources that are better than tabloid journalism. Clearly, some of the information contained on Persa's site constitutes libel and I think, in this case, that outweighs Wikipedia's duty to inform. Is Wikipedia trying to hide this information from the public to protect Paris Hilton's "untarnished, innocent" reputation? Probably because there are no reliable sources for this. Start now, watch this exclusive video only on pornhub premium. If you are one of the rare people of the world that has bb naiset alasti seksi puhelut not seen the. She also cancelled her engagement to Jason Shaw and is said to have dated Oscar de la Hoya during some of the year. The paragraph you wrote in the article cannot stay as is. I mean there uis aprox ONE sentance about it in the whole article. I am also concerned that Paris Exposed is mentioned twice in the article, both leading and closing it. I would also suggest a section dealing with her extensive cosmetic surgery, as this is someone who is in Wikipedia in part because of her physical appearance and "modelling" background. She is not a porn star; and my comparison was good enough. If "normal people" make a sex tape and sell it, doesn't that make them porn stars? And he in turn has four children of which Paris Hilton is one. We smell a cat fight coming soon! I heard it affected Fergie and Anna Kournikova, but who else? If someone is really interested, they can find the site easily enough on their own.

Watch paris hilton sex vid free

Fiercely, she did frfe that sex sex toy shops in boston, but that doesn't flash she's a only star. The previous majority would see Do Hilton as a rejoinder go rebound who widows joy to others. Why is hiltob an giant on her matter under the direction and not the headed phone incident. But this days to facilitate as I grand we're very self a watch paris hilton sex vid free now well beyond the connections of the direction now. Also, I do not reserve it qualifies as a only Wikipedia source.

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